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Incus Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector Product Data Sheet Incus Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector Wide Area Coverage for Pressurized Gas Leaks The Incus is an advanced gas leak detector that uses four sensitive acoustic sensors to monitor wide areas for the ultrasound generated from pressurized gas releases. Ideally suited for monitoring ventilated outdoor applications, the Incus has been engineered to withstand extreme conditions. Detection is unaffected by inclement weather, wind, leak direction, or gas dilution, with fast speed of response. Instantaneous response to all gas leaks (LEL or ppm) Operates in extreme temperatures Automated electronic self-test offers failsafe operation Widest area of coverage through four independent sensors 4–20 mA analog or stepped, “multi-drop” RS485 digital interface, and HART® communication protocol Certified worldwide for hazardous locations Innovative mapping tool helps optimize coverage for a target risk Programmable time delays screen intermittent unwanted alarm sources Four Multi-Directional Sensor Heads Quad sensing heads provide the widest overall detection range available on the market. The sensing heads are independent with the detector output being based on the highest ultrasound measured by any one head. If one or more sensing heads fails complete coverage is not lost. Field-proven Ultrasonic Sensor Principle Incus responds to the ultrasound produced by pressurized gas releases, a technology proven with hundreds of detectors installed worldwide. Sealed Sensor Housing Piezoceramic sensor heads have no moving parts and can therefore be completely sealed against moisture, corrosive atmospheres, and industrial contaminants. Sensor Design - They Just Keep Working Each sensor is completely free of moving parts and will not age, drift, and never need replacing under normal operating conditions. Maintenance free protection with proven reliability. Continuous Self-test Ensures Instrument Health Electronic self-test checks the detector every 320 ms by sending an amplitude signal through the sensing circuitry. The sensor suffers no loss of detection while in test mode in contrast to those based on diaphragm microphones. Built for Extreme Conditions The Incus is designed to operate at -40 °C to +85 °C and may be supplied for monitoring areas of regard at -55 °C. Corrosion resistant stainless steel housing is standard, units are ingress rated to IP66/67 or NEMA Type 4X.

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Wide Area Explosive Fire IGNITION IGNITION IGNITION Incus Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector Deep Pool Fuel Fire Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detection Ultrasonic Detection Overview Ultrasonic (acoustic) gas leak detection technology functions through the constant monitoring of wide areas by advanced acoustic sensors specially tuned to process ultrasound emitted from pressurized gas leaks. Ultrasonic gas leak detectors do not have to wait until a hazardous gas concentration has accumulated or the gas cloud made physical contact with a sensor. In addition, the response is instantaneous for all gas types...

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Incus Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector Specifications Table 1 - Incus Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector General Specifications Detection Frequency Range Dynamic Range Area Coverage 2 to 40 meter (7 to 130 feet) radius (leak pressure, size and background level dependent) Response Time Instantaneous (< 1 s - speed of sound) Programmable Alarm Delay Configurable alarm delay via one second increments Operating Temperatures Operating Humidity Range Self Test Continuous electronic check of sensor integrity Ingress Protection Rated IP66/67 & NEMA Type 4X to withstand harsh environments Enclosure Material...

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Incus Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector Product Certifications European Directive Information The most recent revision of the EC Declaration of Conformity can be found at Ordinary Location Certification As standard, the transmitter has been examined and tested to determine that the design meets the basic electrical, mechanical, and fire protection requirements by a nationally recognized test laboratory (NRTL) as accredited by the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Installing Equipment in North America The US National Electrical Code (NEC) and the...

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February 2015 suitably rated cable must be selected based on the T-Class/Tmax 3. Fastener Yield Strength minimum required to 450 MPa property class AA-70 4. Suitably approved cable glands only to be used 5. Any unused entries must be blanked using suitably approved blanking plugs EAC – Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia EM Technical Regulations Customs Union (EAC) Flameproof Certificate: RU C-GB.ГБ04.B.00297 Standards: GOST R MEK 60079-0-2011, GOST IEC 60079-1-2011, GOST R MEK 60079-11-2010 Markings: 1Ex d ib IIB+H2 T4 Gb X Incus Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector SDN Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Type...

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Incus Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector Product Data Sheet Scan the QR code with your smartphone to go to our website. Emerson Process Management Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detection and Gas/Smoke Aspirated Sampling Systems Unit 18, Somerford Business Park, Wilverley Road, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 3RU, UK T + 44 (0) 1202 400630 ©2015 Emerson Process Management. All rights reserved. Emerson Process Management Flame & Gas Detection 2721 Hopewell Place NE Calgary, Alberta, Canada T1Y 7J7 T + 1 (403) 219 0688 T +1 866 347 3427 F +1 (403) 219 0694...

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