Gas Chromatograph Solutions For Natural Gas Transmission Applications - 16 Pages

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Gas Chromatograph Solutions For Natural Gas Transmission Applications

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Emerson Gas Chromatograph Solutions For Natural Gas Transmission Applications Superior Performance, Repeatability, and Reliability

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Struggling to Reduce Costs While Meeting Tighter Energy Measurement Demands? Avoid two-phase flow measurement error? A significant cause of inaccurate measurement where rich gases are most likely to be found is the error caused by two-phase flow through the meter run. All gas flow meter used in custody transfer are designed for single-phase gas flow, and will generate significant errors when liquid hydrocarbons occur in the flowing stream (up to 5 % with ultrasonic meters1). Additionally, gas sampling systems are designed to reject liquids prior to analysis in gas chromatographs, so the...

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Recommended Solution About Emerson Gas Chromatographs Natural gas is bought and sold based on the level of its energy content. Gas transmission plays a critical role in ensuring these natural gas resources are safely transported, measured, and recorded before reaching their final destination point. The recent influx of natural gas deposits discovered around the world has caused such an increase in supply that market demand cannot keep up and prices have dropped to an all-time low. These lower prices have caused a domino effect across the industry, and businesses are looking for ways to...

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Natural Gas Transmission Chain of Custody Applications Offshore C6+ C9+ Compression/Interconnect C6+ C9+ Production/Gathering Network Standard Measurement Ranges Methane Ethane Propane N-Butane Iso-Butane N-Pentane Iso-Pentane Neo-Pentane Hexane (**) Nitrogen Carbon Dioxide C6+ (*) Heptanes (**) Octanes (**) Nonane (**) C6+ – The traditional GC “natural gas custody transfer” measurement. Individual hydrocarbons up to normalpentane, nitrogen, and CO2 are analyzed individually, and heavier hydrocarbons are combined to form “C6+” concentration, hence the descriptor. The 370XA C6+ performs this...

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City Gate Hydrocarbon Dew Point – The hydrocarbon dew point changes with pressure, so the 700XA C9+ can calculate HCDP at four different pressures, as well as the cricondentherm. The pressures can be fixed, or may be sourced from the modbus link or an analog input to enable the live calculation of HCDP at pipeline pressure. measured or collectively as total sulphur. Emerson can provide all these measurements on the XA platform, reducing the complexity of a gas quality measurement system. Composite Sampler – A cylinder is continuously filled with small samples of the flowing gas. At regular...

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Selecting the Best GC for Your Application At locations where you currently use composite or older generation gas chromatographs, the 370XA GC is ideal because it is simple to operate and includes a Maintainable Module, a truly cost effective solution for C6+ applications. For more critical applications or where there is risk of the hydrocarbon liquids, the 700XA C9+ can provide the industry’s best performance. Additionally, the 700XA can be customized to meet unique measurement challenges. Table 1 - 370XA and 700XA Specifications Comparison Quick Facts* Historical Results Storage Serial...

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Fully Integrated GC Management Tool MON2020™ Software With its abilities to communicate with your enterprise network and export to numerous file types, MON2020 is a powerful tool that ensures operators, engineers, maintenance personnel, and management have access to critical data, such as current and archived chromatograms, alarm history, event logs, and maintenance logs. The XA series gas chromatograph are designed to operate unattended. If adjustments are needed, our proprietary gas chromatograph software, called MON2020, allows complete control of the GC either locally or remotely. From...

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Using your smartphone, scan the QR code to download the 370XA product data sheet. Danalyzer 370XA Gas Chromatograph The 370XA natural gas chromatograph from Emerson is the latest analyzer to join the XA series and is designed to provide greater ease of use and increased measurement performance for your C6+ BTU/CV analysis. Features Designed for Custody Metering of Natural Gas Four-minute C6+ BTU/CV analysis +/-0.0125 % repeatability of heating value (+/-0.125 BTU/1000 BTU) in controlled environments +/- 0.025 % repeatability of heating value (+/-0.25 BTU/1000 BTU) over extended temperature...

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Specifications Please consult Rosemount Analytical if your requirements are outside the specifications listed below. Improved performance, other products and material offerings may be available depending on the application. Performance Capabilities Application: Four-minute C6+ analysis. Repeatability: Enclosure Protection Rating: IP65 and Type 4X Controlled Environment: +/- 0.0125% Calorific Value (+/- 0.125 BTU/scf per 1000 BTU/scf) -20 to 60 °C (-4 to 140 °F): +/- 0.025% Calorific Value (+/- 0.25 BTU/scf per 1000 BTU/scf) Dimensions (without sample system or mounts): 460 mm H x 305 mm W x...

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Using your smartphone, scan the QR code to download the 700XA product data sheet. Danalyzer 700XA Gas Chromatograph The 700XA gas chromatograph offers accurate and reliable hydrocarbon dew point calculations from the extended C9+ analysis by combining two detectors and a controller within a single housing – reducing complexity, minimizing maintenance and spare parts requirements, simplifying the scope of analyzers at the pipeline, and reducing the overall cost of the analytical solution. Features Unmatched measurement performance Best C6+ heating value/BTU repeatability available ±/-0.01 %...

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Specifications Please consult Rosemount Analytical if your requirements are outside the specifications listed below. Improved performance, other products and material offerings may be available depending on the application. Detector: Thermal conductivity detector (TCD), flame ionization detector (FID), TCD/TCD or TCD/FID dual detector configurations possible; flame photometric detector (FPD) available Environmental temperature: -20 ° to 60 °C (-4 ° to 140 °F) Environmental temperature without safety certification: 40° to 60 °C (-4 ° to 140 °F) Gating Options: Fixed-time, slope sensing...

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