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Fisher 657 and 667 Diaphragm Actuators

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Product Bulletin Fisher™ 657 and 667 Diaphragm Actuators Fisher 657 and 667 spring-opposed diaphragm actuators position the valve plug in the valve in response to varying controller or valve positioner pneumatic output signals applied to the actuator diaphragm. Zero setting of the actuator is determined by the compression of the actuator spring. Span is set by both the actuator spring rate and the number of springs available. The 657 actuator is direct-acting; the 667 is reverse-acting. These actuators are designed to provide dependable on-off or throttling operation of automatic control valves. Features n Application Versatility—Five actuator types in eleven sizes are available for an extensive variety of applications. Spring rates, travel stops, and manual operators are available for nearly any control valve application. n Excellent Linearity Between Loading Pressure and Travel—A molded diaphragm travels in a deep diaphragm casing, minimizing area change throughout the travel. n High Degree of Dynamic Stability and Frequency Response—A shallow casing on the pressure side means reduced volume on that side, thereby minimizing response time. n High Thrust Capability—The molded diaphragm Fisher 657 and 667 Actuators Mounted on easy-et Valves n Cold Service Applications—Enhanced product specifications for all sizes of 657 and 667 diaphragm actuators allow performance to -50_C (-58_F). Use of a positioner is recommended to ensure responsiveness in applications operating below -40_C (-40_F). allows maximum thrust for given diaphragm size. n Long Service Life—Rugged thick-walled cast iron and steel construction provides increased stability, corrosion protection, and protection from deformation should over-pressurization occur. n Positive Connections—A split block stem connection provides a solid transfer of motion while allowing easy mounting. The absence of linkages helps to avoid lost motion and in

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Product Bulletin Specifications Standard Operating Pressure Range(1) Signal Connections Sizes 30 - 60 and 667 Size 76: 1/4 NPT internal Sizes 70 and 87: 1/2 NPT internal Size 80 657: 3/4 NPT internal with 1/4 NPT internal bushing 667: 1/2 NPT internal with 1/4 NPT internal bushing Size 100: 1 NPT internal with 1/4 NPT internal bushing 657 and 667: J 0.2 to 1.0 bar (3 to 15 psig) or J 0.4 to 2.0 bar (6 to 30 psig) 657-4 and 667-4: 0.2 to 1.9 bar (3 to 27 psig) 667 Size 76: J 0.4 to 2.0 bar (6 to 30 psig) or J 0 to 3.1 bar (0 to 45 psig) Maximum Travel Effective Diaphragm Area Output...

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Product Bulletin D100087X012 Specifications (continued) Construction Materials for Cold Service [to -50_C (-58_F)] 657 and 667--all sizes Yoke: Steel (Grade LCC) Diaphragm: Silicone O-Rings:(3) Ethylene Propylene Bolting: Stainless Steel B8M Cl 2 Stem Connector: Stainless Steel Lubricant: Silicone Stem and Yoke Boss Diameters See table 1 Approximate Weight See table 3 Options J Oversize signal connections, J Plastic yoke covers 1. The pressure and temperature limits in this bulletin and in any applicable standard or code limitation should not be exceeded. 2. Do not exceed the thrust limits...

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Product Bulletin Accessories Handwheels Handwheels for diaphragm actuators are often used as adjustable travel stops. They also provide a ready means of positioning the control valve in an emergency. The specifications in tables 5 and 6 apply to handwheels on both 657 and 667 Series actuators. For repeated or daily manual operation, the unit should be equipped with a side-mounted handwheel actuator. Top-Mounted Handwheels—Typical 657 and 667 actuators with handwheels mounted on the diaphragm case are shown in figure 2 (not available on a 667 actuator, size 80). On the 657 actuator, the...

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Product Bulletin Table 1. Additional Specifications for Fisher 657 and 667 Series Actuators ACTUATOR SIZE EFFECTIVE DIAPHRAGM AREA cm2 YOKE BOSS DIAMETER MAXIMUM TRAVEL 1. These values are based on material limitations such as yoke, stem connection, diaphragm plate, and travel stop strengths. 2. Values also apply to 657-4 and 667-4 actuators. 3. For 657-4 and 667-4 actuator constructions. 4. Steel construction. 5. H=Heavy actuator-to-valve bolting.

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Product Bulletin Table 2. Volumetric Casing Displacement for Fisher 657 and 667 Series Actuators ACTUATOR SIZE 1. Clearance volume indicates casing volume at zero travel. 2. Includes clearance volume. Table 3. Approximate Actuator Weights (without handwheel) ACTUATOR ACTUATOR SIZE

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Product Bulletin Table 4. Thrust Capabilities(1) by Input Signal Range TRAVEL ACTUATOR SIZE PRESSURE RANGE TO ACTUATOR DIAPHRAGM(2) 1. For Size 76 667 actuators, contact your Emerson Process Management sales office. 2. Consult Fisher 657 and 667 instruction manuals (D100306X012, D100307X012, D100310X012, and D100311X012) for additional information on maximum pressure limitations.

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Product Bulletin Figure 2. Typical Top-Mounted Handwheels 657 ACTUATOR (EXCEPT SIZE 100) 667 ACTUATOR (EXCEPT SIZES 80 AND 100) 657 ACTUATOR SIZE 100 (GEAR DRIVEN)

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Product Bulletin Figure 3. Typical Side-Mounted Handwheels for Fisher 657 and 667 Series Actuators Figure 4. Adjustable Travel Stops STYLE 2 657 AND 657-4 DOWN STOP STYLE 10 667 DOWN STOP STYLE 11 667 UP AND DOWN STOP STYLE P2 667 UP AND DOWN STOP

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Product Bulletin Table 5. Fisher 657 Handwheel Specifications TOP-MOUNTED HANDWHEEL 657 ACTUATOR SIZE Handwheel Diameter SIDE-MOUNTED HANDWHEEL Maximum Handwheel Output Force(3) Handwheel Diameter Maximum Handwheel Output Force(3) Turns Per Inch Travel Turns Per Inch Travel 1. Tangential handwheel force required to produce the handwheel output force shown. (Proportional to handwheel output force). 2. Top-mounted with gear drive. 3. Maximum force available to compress the actuator spring and close the valve.

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