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EasyHeat™ XD Cable Kits Thermal Storage Cable Kits, Fixed Resistance. For Commercial Applications. Product Overview • XD cable kits are tough, heavy duty heating cables designed specifically for earth thermal storage applications. • The dual conductor, single end cold lead cable design means easier heating system design and installation. Applications • Commercial or residential garages, storage facilities, and warehouses where supplemental floor heat is beneficial and can be obtained during off peak hours when discounted energy is available. Features • Supplied with 20 ft (6.10 m) cold leads as standard and made-toorder in 208 Vac and 240 Vac. • Dual-element, fixed-resistance cables are pre-sized to fit your area and layout requirements. • One year limited warranty. Related Products • Each heating zone requires two thermostats: an adjustable sensing thermostat to control floor temperature at an appropriate setting, and a pre-set high-limit thermostat to ensure heating cable temperature does not exceed design requirements. See EasyHeat™ Thermal Storage Controls. Notes Per NEC and CEC requirements ALWAYS use a ground fault protection device (GFEP) to reduce the danger of fire from a damaged or improperly installed heating cable. Electrical fault currents caused by damaged or improperly installed cable MAY NOT BE LARGE ENOUGH to trip a conventional circuit breaker. • Heating cables must be installed in compliance with all national, state/provincial and local codes. Check with your local electrical inspector for specific details. • Insulation of perimeter foundation walls is required. Insulation under the cable sand bed is optional but improves system performance. • Sand bed must remain moist, as this greatly enhances the amount of heat the bed can store and promotes heat transfer away from the heating cables. • It is recommended the heating system be designed to use several smaller wattage cables rather than one large wattage cable. A scaled drawing must be made showing the heating cable layout, related branch circuitry, junction boxes and controls. Illustrated Features Cold Lead THERMAL STORAGE Heater Wire Copper Grounding Braid Copper Grounding Braid Dual Conductor Resistance Wire Dual Conductor Copper Cold Lead XLPE Insulation PVC Outer Covering Heater Wire Dimensions 0.260 in x 0.165 in (6.604 mm x 4.191 mm) Visit our website at www.emerson.com or contact us at (800) 537-4732. © October 2017 PVC Insulation w/Nylon Jacket Cold Lead Dimensions: #14 AWG — 0.350 in x 220 in x 10 ft (8.89 mm x 5588 mm x 3 m) #10 AWG — 0.430 in x 250 in x10 ft

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Thermal Storage Capability EMERSON. Visit our website at www.emerson.com or contact us at (800) 537-4732. © October 2017

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