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Product Data Sheet June 2017 DL8000 Preset The DL8000 Preset is a rugged electronic preset that provides precise custody transfer batches for petroleum, industrial chemicals, and other products. It accepts volumetric and mass inputs from turbine, Coriolis, ultrasonic, or other flow measurement devices using single or linearized meter factors. (Pulse-generating meters are recommended for improved valve closure accuracy.) The DL8000 also performs density, temperature, and pressure corrections using the latest standards and accurately calculates delivered volumes at standard conditions (60°F, 15°C, 20°C, or user-selectable) using double precision math. The DL8000 can control and blend up to four products sequentially or simultaneously (ratio blending). It can control up to 10 additives through metered injection, and can store up to 30 recipes for blending. Density Correction The DL8000 accepts density signals as a frequency, 4-20 mA, or through a communications device. It accepts inputs from a flowing density meter (such as a Micro Motion™ frequency densitometer or a Micro Motion Coriolis meter). The DL8000 corrects observed density to standard conditions and calculates the temperature and pressure volume correction factors. Temperature Compensation The DL8000 can accept an input from an Analog Input or RTD device. It then calculates a temperature volume correction factor in accordance with the following standards: Hydrocarbon Standards ■ API MPMS Chapter 11.1 (1980) / API2540 (1980) / ASTM D1250 / ANSI D1250 / IP200 Tables: 5A, 5B, 5D, 6A, 6B, 6C, 6D, 23A, 23B, 23D, 24A, 24B, 24C, 24D, 53A, 53B, 53D, 54A, 54B, 54C, 54D ■ API MPMS 11.1 (2004) / ASTM D1250-04 / IP200/04 ■    ISO 91.1 (1992) DL8000 Preset (Class I, Div. 2 Version) DL8000 Preset (Class I, Zone 1 Version)

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Pressure Compensation The DL8000 can accept a 4-20 mA signal from a pressure transducer and compensate flow calculations for volumetric due to pressure in accordance with the following standards: ■    API MPMS    11.1 (2004) / ASTM D1250-04 / IP200/04 Pulse Fidelity The DL8000 monitors dual pulse inputs for integrity in accordance with the following standards: ■ ISO 6551-1982 and BS 6439-1983 ■ API Petroleum Measurement Standard, Chapter 5.5, level B and Institute of Petroleum Standard, IP 252.76, Part XIII, Section 1, Level B. Meter Factor Linearization The DL8000 can perform linearization...

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DanLoad 6000 Protocol Support The DL8000 supports all terminal automation commands necessary for terminal operation and some for terminal automation configuration. This allows you to multi-drop your existing DanLoad 6000s with the DL8000 without changes to the host. Swing Arm Position Detection The DL8000 allows swing arm safety circuit operation, and you have the option to select which side (one, two, or both) is applicable per circuit. Alarms The DL8000 offers comprehensive alarms for blending systems. You can define each alarm action for no action, display only, close relay contact, stop...

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The liquid crystal display (LCD) is the same for both versions and provides an 8-line by 40-column message area for operator interface. The display uses a photo sensor and temperature sensor which can be set to automatically adjust contrast and backlighting for optimal viewing. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) display the status of alarms, operating mode, and permissive powers. LEDs are located to the right of the display on both versions. Measurement Canada Measurement Canada is available for the DL8000. The Measurement Canada version of the DL8000 consists of a CPU loaded with a Measurement...

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Physical Construction    Cast aluminum enclosure with sixteen stainless steel front cover bolts Wiring Access    Center    50 mm (2 in.) female NPSM; normally used for all DC signal (meter pulse, RTD, analog, communication, or status/control) cabling Left    25 mm (1 in.) female NPSM; normally used for AC power input and AC status/control signals Right    25 mm (1 in.) female NPSM; normally used for meter pulse, RTD, communication, or analog signals when separate signal routing is required Approvals Product Markings for    CSA CUS    Certified by CSA as Models W40161 and W40209 per CSA...

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NTEP    Certified by NTEP as Model W40161 per certificate number 08-056A1 Evaluated per Approval NIST Handbook 44 (2010) Standards    NCWM Publication 14 (2010) Certified by NMi as DL8000 per certificate number TC7661 revision 1 Valid I/O Configurations for MID Approval: ■ To maintain CE approval, you can only use the following I/O modules connected to the valid I/O types as shown in the table below. ■ Review the corresponding certificates to ensure full compliance. I/O Type 1 Pressure Feedback Signals Communication Temperature Control Signals Pulse In (level B) Temperature Control...

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Class I, Division 2 Version Specifications Physical Construction    14 gauge, painted, stainless steel enclosure with 3 mm (0.12 inches) thick aluminum door and stainless steel spring catches Dimensions    Height    432 mm (17 inches) Wiring Access    Center    Two 35 mm (1.375 inches) diameter holes for customer supplied 1- inch Type 4 rated conduit hub; normally used for I/O. Four additional center punch locations included to aid customer placement of additional entries. 35 mm (1.375 inches) diameter hole for customer supplied 1-inch Type 4 rated conduit hub; normally used for AC power...

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