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DeltaV Distributed Control System Product Data Sheet DeltaV™ Executive Portal You can easily monitor and analyze your plant with DeltaV Executive Portal Web View. Convert displays with minimal rework Securely view your process remotely through Internet Explorer Easily create dashboards to view just the Combine information from multiple systems and historians into a single view Do you need to remotely view DeltaV system displays, and have been wishing for a solution that is easy to maintain and keep current? Tired of relying on others to provide you with the dashboards you need? Wish you had all of the process information you needed, even from different control systems With DeltaV Executive Portal, view your DeltaV displays, from your web browser. In addition, you can easily define your own dashboards, selecting and arranging the information DELTAV EMERSON Process Management

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DeltaV Executive Portal You can also combine related real-time and historical information from multiple DeltaV systems, other control systems, and historians. DeltaV Executive Portal provides one place to view all of your process information, giving decisionmaking tools to people when and where they need it. Benefits Securely view your process remotely – on desktops or Windows tablets through the Internet. Staying current on production is only a click away with DeltaV Executive Portal — with displays that update in real-time. Security is built-in. The DeltaV Executive Portal is view only,...

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DeltaV Executive Portal Plant-Wide Historian and Data Servers Executive Portal LEVEL 2.5 Engineering Workstations Operator Workstations DeltaV application stations Historian OPC data Patch and backup servers Remote user access Virtualization hosts LEVEL 2 Control System LAN and Control Devices DeltaV Executive Portal installed on the DMZ for increased secuirty. Product Description DeltaV Executive Portal provides the ability to securely view converted DeltaV graphics with minimal rework. It can be installed on DeltaV Application Stations, or on a PC in the Plant Local Area Network (LAN)...

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DeltaV Executive Portal You decide which users can view DeltaV Executive Portal. You can easily select which domain or local users have view, or DeltaV Executive Portal configuration privileges. This provides remote users with a very complete view of current process conditions, however, this additional display complexity can impact display performance. Executive Portal Web View. Navigating between displays in the Web View is easy, with the standard DeltaV display previous/next and replace display configuration maintained. In addition, displays can be organized into folders and each user...

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DeltaV Executive Portal Some DeltaV display components are not converted. This includes: History controls – Embedded trends referencing the DeltaV Continuous Historian are not converted. New trend charts can be added to the displays in Executive Portal. Batch controls – Are not converted and do not have equivalent controls in DeltaV Executive Portal. Unit-specific batch information in the graphics does convert. OPC HDA classic HDA - access continuous historians DeltaV Real-time - access DeltaV information for DeltaV converted graphics DeltaV Event Chronicle – access Event Chronicle...

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DeltaV Executive Portal Localization DeltaV Executive Portal works with non-English versions of the DeltaV system. DeltaV Operate graphics that have been developed in other languages will convert to Executive Portal and Web View interface is translated into the following languages: Compatibility and Sizing DeltaV Executive Portal server can be installed on the following DeltaV Workstations* DeltaV v11.3.1 Application Stations DeltaV v12.3.1 Application Stations DeltaV v13.3.1 Application Stations *DeltaV v10.3.1 systems are supported for communications, but DeltaV Executive Portal must be...

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Product Data Sheet DeltaV Executive Portal March 2016 Ordering Information Emerson Process Management Europe, Middle East: 41.41.768.6111 North America, Latin America: ©2016, Emerson Process Management. All rights reserved. The Emerson logo is a trademark and service mark of Emerson Electric Company. The DeltaV logo is a mark of one of the Emerson Process Management family of companies. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. The contents of this publication are presented for informational purposes only, and while every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy,...

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