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Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) with MLT Analyzer

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Product Data Sheet Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) with MLT Analyzer Emerson Process Management offers a cost- effective, pre-engineered Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) pre-packaged for those applications where up to five gases and opacity is required for regulatory compliance. Manufactured under ISO 9001 standards, the CMP 1000M combines field-proven analyzertechnologies with ruggedly constructed and dependable sample extraction and conditioning systems in the industry. It includes an MLT multi component analyzer (MLT 1, MLT 3 or MLT 4) which can measure up to five components simultaneously, including 0^, CO, CO^, SO^, and NO using a combination of ultraviolet (UV), infrared spectroscopy (NDIR), and/or electrochemical or paramagnetic oxygen sensors. The MLT analyzer can also serve as the main interface for a flame ionization (FID) module for hydrocarbon measurements, or as a chemiluminescence (CLD) module for NOx measurements. As an added option, the CMP 1000M can be engineered to include an OPM 4000 opacity dust density monitor for additional compliance regulations, such as the EPA. The CMP 1000M with MLT analyzer can measure the following Typical Applications Gas Turbines ■ Process Heaters Natural Gas Fired Boilers Selective Catalytic Reduction GMP WOOM CEMS Cabinet Fully pre-engineered and pre-packaged system Offers multiple measurement ranges for practically all CEMS Measurement options include: CO, C02, S02, NO, NOx, 02, Meets US EPA 40 CFR Part 60 reguirements ISO 9001 - Certified Quality Standards System and Analyzer self diagnostics Fast loop bypass prior to final cooling stage Final cooling stage is pressurized for maximum moisture removal efficiency Ambient Temperature Range +45 to 85 °F (+7 to 29 °C) or 0 to 110 °F (-18 to 43 °C) with optional HVAC Comprehensive support services offered by Emerson ROSGMOUNT' EMERSON. Analytical Process Management

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GMP 1000M Components The basic GMP 1000M package includes: MLT analyzer (s) SP110 heated sample probe Temperature controllers for both probe and heated sample line Thermoelectric sample conditioner provides unsurpassed analyzer protection and contains integral pre-cooler, sample pump, condensate removal system and water intrusion monitor for sample pump shutdown in the unlikely event of a conditioner failure Automatic calibration at user selectable time intervals Local/remote calibration capability for diagnostic testing of analyzers and compliance with the EPA’s 40 CFR 60, Appendix F and...

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The MLT 1 Series of gas analyzers offers multi-component, multi-method analysis using infrared, ultraviolet, thermal conductivity, paramagnetic and electro-chemical sensor technologies. The MLT 1 Multi-Component Gas Analyzer measures up to five gas components by combining the different technologies into one unit. Housed in a 19-inch enclosure (thermostatically-controlled option), the MLT 3 Gas Analyzer can measure up to four gas components and the MLT 4 can measure up to five gas components by combining the different technologies into one unit. The main difference between the MLT 3 and MLT...

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MLT Analyzer Detection Methods “NGA 2000” Still Used in MLT NDIR/UV/VIS Detection Literature The MLT’s capability to selectively measure multiple components in a compact enclosure is achieved by the use of a unique dual optical bench design. Depending on the application, any two combinations of NDIR/UV or VIS channels can be combined on a single chopper motor/dual source assembly. The NDIR micro-flow detector consists of two chambers (measurement and reference) with an interconnected path in which an ultra low flow filament sensor is mounted. During operation, a pulsating flow occurs...

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Table 1 - MLT Analyzer Configuration Components Component Measurement Technology Minimum Range Maximum Range Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Nitric Oxide (NO) Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) Oxygen (O2) Flame Ionization Figure1 - Typical GMP 1000M System Configuration Recorder (Optional) MLT (Includes NDIR/UV/VIS and Oxygen Sensors) Data Acquisition and Handling System (Optional) OPM 4000 Opacity Transmitter System Controllers GMP 1000M System Enclosure Plant Instrumentation

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Recommended Installation The drawings below represent the minimum recommended installation guidelines for the CMP 1000M CEMS cabinet. Please consult Rosemount Analytical for detailed installations of your application. Sample Line Entrance — Power Wiring Entrance - Signal Wiring Entrance Vent Filter Sample Line Entrance-*

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CMP 10OOM CEMS Product Data Sheet Emerson Process Management Rosemount Analytical Analytical Center of Excellence 10241 West Little York, Suite 200 Emerson Process Management Rosemount Analytical Analytical Center of Excellence 63594 Hasselroth, Germany {tj£j Emerson Process Management Asia Pacific Private Limited MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Emerson Process Management Jebel AN Free Zone Dubai, United Arab Emirates ©2013 Emerson Process Management. All rights reserved. The Emerson logo is a trademark and service mark of Emerson Electric Co. Rosemount Analytical is a mark of one of the Emerson...

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