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Application Note AN 2000-85/rev.A June 2008 Food and Beverage Brewing Industry Dependable Conductivity Measurements in Beer Fill Lines RESULTS • • • • • Faster Beer Change Over Reduce Lost Beer With Tighter Measurements Reduce Off Spec Product Maximize Up-time Increased Profits APPLICATION BEER - WATER CUT FOR BREWING FILL LINES CHALLENGE Beer fill lines periodically need to be cleaned in place. In addition, when the beer lines change over to a different brand to be packaged for final consumption, then the fill lines need to be rinsed with water to eliminate any crossover from the previous brew. Faster line change over will minimize beer loss and maximize profits. One challenge faced in packaging is to ensure rinse water is completely removed from the fill lines, otherwise, the beer will have to be scrapped. Conductivity measurement plays an important role in this process. Different brands of beer will have different conductivity values. The rinse water will also have a unique conductivity value based on the water source and treatment. Finally, CIP solutions will also have different conductivity values. The conductivity sensor needs to differentiate between all these different fluids as well as to be able to withstand the CIP cycles. “The Model 410 sensor has better low conductivity resolution when measuring water phases, which maximizes my fill-line up time.”

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SOLUTIONS The Rosemount Analytical PUR-SENSE™ Model 410VP FourElectrode Conductivity Sensor from Emerson Process Management can accurately differentiate between different beer brands, CIP solutions, and rinse water. The sensor is made with FDA Compliant materials and all wetted surfaces have a better than 16 µinch Ra finish. The sensor has an integral RTD that contacts the process liquid through a stainless steel face, enabling fast response to temperature changes. The Model 410VP also has a compact design. The sensor does not penetrate deep into the fill lines so the sensor will not impede...

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