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Complete Analytical and Monitoring Solutions - 1

Complete Analytical & Monitoring Solutions Gas + Combustion Analysis / Liquid Analysis / Gas + Flame Detection Visualize > Analyze > Optimize ROSEMOUNT* EMERSON. Analytical Process Management

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Complete Analytical and Monitoring Solutions - 2

Solve your toughest analytical challenges Whatever your goal – reduce installation and maintenance costs, maximize up-time, protect your plant and personnel, or improve process quality – Emerson offers a complete range of Rosemount Analytical products, services, and solutions, including: Industry & Service Solutions Product Solutions EMERSON SOLUTIONS ENCOMPASS: > Industry-Leading Analyzers > System Design THE EMERSON PLANTWEB DIFFERENCE > Project Coordination and Management PlantWeb™ is the proven digital plant architecture that uses the power of predictive intelligence to improve plant...

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Complete Analytical and Monitoring Solutions - 3

Optimize extraction and processing Optimize production with Rosemount Analytical instruments and PlantWeb™ by monitoring solutions enabling feedback control of important liquid parameters such as pH, electrical conductivity and ORP. Processes will vary depending on the metal involved, the grade of ore, and the technology employed. Extraction Due to the rapid reactions taking place in an agitated leach process, automatic pH control is strongly recommended. Avoid toxic cyanide leaks into the environment, as they are a risk to personnel and a future liability to the mining company, with...

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Complete Analytical and Monitoring Solutions - 4

Industry solutIons Measurement analysis: the key to efficient operation > Compensate for variations in product feed composition while measuring product impurities, thus minimizing product loss Gas and combustion analyzers assist ammonia, ethylene, methanol, polyethylene and polypropylene plants: > Measure feed purity > Better control process units to minimize the waste fuel gas available for burning in boilers and furnaces > Increase energy efficiency > Obtain feedback on reactions > Better control of pollutants Fixed flame and gas detectors protect plant and personnel from: > Dangerous...

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Complete Analytical and Monitoring Solutions - 5

Ethylene Plants Process Heaters Rosemount Analytical uses a strategic approach to ethylene application solutions that features limiting initial capital expenditures, minimizing ongoing operating expenses, and maximizing overall performance of your analytical equipment. Rosemount Analytical ensures maximum product recovery while keeping product purities within specification throughout the ethylene plant: Many chemical processes require that the process liquids and gases be preheated to a designated temperature. Process heater and boilers are the biggest consumers of energy and require O2 and...

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Complete Analytical and Monitoring Solutions - 6

Industry solutIons Better data means a better process contaminants and ambient air monitoring, Emerson solutions keep plant employees safe and help the plant meet government compliance requirements. Bottom-line goals can be more easily achieved with analytical solutions from Emerson. With precise product analysis, you’ll be able to produce a final product that more closely meets specification requirements. Fuel & Flare Gas Analysis Rosemount Analytical gas chromatographs are ideal for measuring H2S and heating value in fuel and flare gas within refinery applications. Sulfur Recovery Unit...

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Complete Analytical and Monitoring Solutions - 7

Emerson solutions include: > Improving burner efficiency and reducing NOX – OCX8800 combustible analyzer > High solids pH applications in sulfides and oil – PERpH-X pH sensor > Environmental regulation compliance – CEMS systems monitoring multiple streams > Flue and flame gas monitoring – 700XA gas chromatograph > Hydrogen/Hydrocarbons in CCR Nitrogen Header Gas – X-STREAM gas analyzers with web browsing > Fixed Point Safety Instrumentation – Millennium II Series of Gas Detectors, Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors and complete line of Optical Flame Detectors within the range of 0 to 500 ppm,...

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Complete Analytical and Monitoring Solutions - 8

Industry solutIons Peak performance / minimal environmental impact Rosemount Analytical process gas analyzers, liquid analytical instruments, gas chromatographs, and fixed point detection solutions provide extended analysis and coverage in the power plant. Regardless of process complexity, Emerson offers: Boiler water treatment > Waterside chemistry monitoring: condensate, feedwater, and boiler water measurement > Monitoring of reverse osmosis and ion exchange demineralizers > Concentration of regeneration chemicals > Boiler drum water conductivity Gas Turbine Emerson offers reliable...

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Complete Analytical and Monitoring Solutions - 9

Cooling Towers Corrosion and scale formation are treated primarily by controlling dissolved solids by blow down, reducing alkalinity, and adding inhibitors and biocides. Conductivity monitoring with a toroidal sensor is ideal, while pH controls acid injection. > Corrosion prevention with cooling water monitoring > Waste processing for meeting discharge regulations Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMs) With our continuous emissions monitoring systems, Emerson designs and engineers the right system for your specific needs and provides startup and commissioning support, training, and...

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Complete Analytical and Monitoring Solutions - 10

Industry solutIons Emerson solutions include: > Measuring ozone dosing for primary disinfection – 499AOZ > Monitor and report turbidity of the filter effluent – Clarity II On-Line Turbidimeter > Monitor and control the addition of chemicals for pH adjustment – 3900 pH Sensor > Continuous monitoring of water quality within the distribution system – FCL free chlorine monitoring system Safe water is our top priority Emerson makes reliable measurements that are easy and convenient; decreasing maintenance time and cost while complying with stringent regulations. To better define the dynamics of...

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Complete Analytical and Monitoring Solutions - 11

Reliable treatment solutions Homes, industry, schools and businesses all generate sanitary wastewater, or sewage. Online analytical solutions reduce labor with rugged instruments and sensors provide data for increased regulation compliance and reduced maintenance costs. Monitor your wastewater streams to meet local and federal laws that safeguard water quality, while optimizing your multi-stage wastewater process to speed up the natural processes of water purification. Influent Treatment In many wastewater plants, the influent pH and conductivity are measured. These measurements are used...

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