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Application Note CEMS System Capabilities for the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry Background The hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) has many poten­ ial t sources of combustion gas emissions. These include pro­cess heaters, fluid catalytic crackers (FCC), power boilers and sulfur recovery units (SRU). The industry is unique because many emissions monitoring applications occur in areas classi­ ed as hazardous. fi Monitoring Requirements The primary federal regulations defining continuous emis­ ions s monitoring (CEM) requirements are found in 40 CFR 60 and 40 CFR 75. The latter is also known as the Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) of 1990. However, state and local agen­cies can impose additional, stricter requirements for monitor­ ng and controlling i pollutants. Hydrocarbon Processing Industry These regulations may require monitoring sulfur dioxide (SO2), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), opacity, a diluent [carbon dioxide (CO2) or oxygen (O2)] and stack flow. Furthermore, with the CAAA’s requirements for NOx abatement, many fa­ ilities will install selective c catalytic or non catalytic reduction (SCR or SNCR) units which utilize ammonia (NH3) to reduce NOx emissions. In these instances the regulatory agency may include NH3 monitoring as part of the CEM requirements. In some areas of the country local agencies have also required the continuous monitoring of carbon monoxide (CO) and or total hydrocarbons (THC). Rosemount Analytical’s CEMS are designed, engineered and constructed at our ISO 9001-certified facilities. These systems range from pre-engineered, packaged systems, to complex engineered systems that measure multiple gases using data acquisition and handling systems. Area Requirements Opacity/Dust Density Measurement Typical HPI CEMS may require installation in cabinets or shel­ ers that t are designed to meet NFPA 496 electrical require­ ents. In addition m local electrical inspection and/ or approval may be required. A Modular Solution Rosemount Analytical offers a family of process analyzers and modular continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) designs to effectively meet the needs of HPI facilities. Rosemount Analytical is the only single-source supplier that: Design, engineers, and builds the CEMS Manufactures the analyzers Provides applications engineering Offers a variety of ongoing maintenance contracts Guarantees EPA certification Process Analyzers The Rosemount Analytical family of process analyzers em­ploys a variety of patented technologies to accurately monitor stack emissions at HPI facilities. The OPM series offers a unique, patented system of glass liquid crystal windows (LCWs) that modulate the light beam without mechanical choppers or other moving parts greatly enhancing reliability. This feature, coupled with the use of a single light source and detector, establishes the OPM Series as the only truly digital, solid-state transmissometer. X-STREAM Enhanced General Purpose Analyzer (XEGP) for CO, CO2, and SO2 Measurement, and Paramagnetic Oxygen Analysis The X-STREAM Enhanced series of gas analyzers features multichannel analysis utilizing infrared, ultraviolet and visible (NDIR/UV/ VIS) photometry, paramagnetic and electrochemi­ al oxygen, and c thermal conductivity sensor technologies.

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Refining X-STREAM analyzers can measure up to 4 components and the measuring principles may be ordered in various combina­ ions. t The physical benches can be installed in their own com­ artment p separated from the electronics. A purge is added for handling corrosive and toxic gases to protect the electronics and to provide operator safety. Optional thermostatic con­ rol enables measuring t lower sample gas concentrations and measurements at higher dew points. NO/NOx Analysis The NGA 2000 CLD uses the chemiluminescence method of detection for NOx. The NGA 2000 CLD has user-selectable...

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