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Product Data Sheet PDS 106-5500.A01 August, 2010 Model CCO 5500 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analyzer Emissions or Process Stack Gas Measurement • Easy to operate control room electronics Control room access to all analyzer functions Programmable parameters for varying boiler operating conditions Measurements may be displayed as ppm, mg/m3, mg/Nm3 (normalized) Four rolling averages from 10 seconds to 30 days may be defined and interro- gated • Control room diagnostic capability Sophisticated diagnostic routines alert operators to maintenance requirements • Optional calibration standard available Assures reliable process information; No calibration gas required • In Situ analysis Representative across-duct measure ment, free from stratification errors Eliminates sampling system maintenance • Rugged lithium tantalate pyro-electric detector Allows a highly sensitive and stable CO measurement INTRODUCTION The importance of controlling excess air levels in various combustion processes has been recognized for many years. Now, however, the high cost of fuel makes it an economic necessity to reduce excess air levels to minimize thermal stack losses. In addition to increasing fuel costs, tightening environmental restrictions also can Visit our website at On-line ordering available. impact the optimization of the combustion process. The reduction of NOx through minimizing available oxygen can also lead to incomplete combustion. Efforts toward overall combustion efficiency must be aimed at reducing total energy loss. This requires achieving minimum unburned combustibles, as well as thermal stack losses. More precise control of air/fuel ratio, optimized for minimum total energy loss, can yield significant gains in efficiency and result in substantial savings in reduced fuel consumption and improved environmental performance. Flue gas concentration of CO is a reliable and accurate indication of burner flame stoichiometry and the completeness of combustion. It is the most sensitive indicator of unburned combustibles loss. Used as a primary combustion efficiency parameter, in conjunction with oxygen analysis, a CO measurement offers additional advantages in controlling combustion at optimum levels of excess air to a combustion control scheme using an oxygen measurement only. Controlling air/fuel ratio to an optimum level of CO assures minimum total energy loss and maximum efficiency, independent of variations in boiler load, fuel type and fuel quality. The measurement is relatively unaffected by air in-leakage and burner maintenance requirements are immediately identified. Emerson Process Management’s reliable CO measurement, coupled with small, lightweight packaging and ease of operation and maintenance, assures you of years of trouble-free service from the Model CCO 5500 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analyzer.

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isolation valve pressure regulator power supply signal processor mains supply & contact outputs analogue outputs, normalising inputs & serial data port site mounting flange chopper blade detector chopper blade & motor calibrating cell stepper motor & gearbox reference detector heated infrared source control detector beam splitter interference filter The Model CCO 5500 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analyzer uses infrared absorption spectroscopy to continuously measure CO concentration in combustion flue gases. The infrared source is mounted directly on the flue gas duct or stack on the side opposite...

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Heater cartridge Stepper motor Signal Processor Power Supply Chopper motor and disc Protection window Model 5500 Analyzer Transmitter Open Path Cross-Duct Analysis Protection window Live detector Total weight of analyzer 37 kgs Signal Processor Power Supply Interference filter Model 5500 Component Dimensions Beam splitter Reference detector Model 5500 Analyzer Receiver SPECIFICATIONS: Range: Selectable 0-100, to 0-9,999 ppm Max. range 6,000 ppm.m Lithium tantalate Display Units: Analog Output: Cast aluminum, NEMA 4 Alarm Output: Serial Port: Power: Dimensions: 110/240/VAC, 50/60/HZ, 20 VA....

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MODEL CCO 5500 ORDERING INFORMATION Model CCO5500 Description Carbon Monoxide Analyzer – Across-the-Stack Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Power Requirements 01 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz Control Module Display/Keypad 01 English Calibration Options 00 None 01 Calibration Check Cell and Holder The contents of this publication are presented for informational purposes only, and while every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy, they are not to be construed as warranties or guarantees, express or implied, regarding the products or services described herein or their use or applicability. All sales are...

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