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Improve Reliability and Performance Process Management

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Challenged to maximize profitability? The solution is within your reach: Your assets and processes. To create a predictive environment mechanical assets or instruments, where equipment breakdowns are AMS Suite delivers the right planned, partner with Emerson. information to detect equipment Our experience in a wide variety of problems before they occur. industries and applications translates benefit from improved availability Armed with insight, people in into an unmatched ability to help your organization can collaborate you implement a predictive asset to optimize equipment operation....

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AMS Suite - 3

Emerson’s experts assess your Take Steps Toward Positive situation, identify where your Wherever you are in the plant life cycle, Emerson can help you seize management. We work with you to develop a prioritized list of assets that becomes part of a larger roadmap to technology and services that will achieve goals. Roadmap in hand, you get your plant to the next level. can identify tools that will help drive change. Streamline device management Our process is proven, leading to real change for sustainable benefits. Assess machinery health to improve reliability Optimize throughput by...

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AMS Suite - 4

AMS Device Manager enables users to commission and configure wired and wireless devices, monitor status and alerts, troubleshoot from the control room, perform advanced diagnostics, manage calibration, and automatically document all of those activities. INSTRUMENT & VALVE MANAGEMENT STRE AMLINE DE VICE MANAG EMENT TO OPTIMIZE PRO You suspect some of the thousands of valves in your facility are operating suboptimally. The issue is not so severe that it threatens to stop production, but throughput isn’t what it should be. Where is the problem? Repeated Struggles: Improve maintenance Extend...

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AMS Suite - 5

CHEVRON ORONITE Improve problem solving through integration with Critical valve availability increased to 99% digital automation systems Turnaround time reduced by 60% Without compromising production, device data is available to operations via a host system, Chevron Oronite was experiencing an increase in maintenance costs including DeltaV™ and Ovation™ due to the amount of reactive maintenance performed. With more than digital automation systems. 20,000 instruments, this approach was no long effective. The plant Operators can remotely view the wanted to make a change to a more predictive...

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AMS Suite - 6

AMS Machinery Manager determines the health of mechanical and rotating machinery by integrating data from multiple predictive maintenance technologies. MACHINERY HEALTH MANAGEMENT A S S E S S M A C H I N E R Y H E A LT H T O I M P R O V E R E L I A B I L Unplanned downtime is the largest source of lost revenue. In fact, mechanical equipment failure is the single greatest cause of process interruption. * Avoid Unexpected AMS Suite: Machinery Health Repeated Struggles: Machinery health data can include: Machinery fails without warning Difficult to determine root cause Vibration analysis...

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AMS Suite - 7

OMAN INDIA FERTILISER COMPANY (OMIFCO) Results: Access to tools, real-time data, and historical information can be Saved probable extensive production losses Prevented catastrophic pump-turbine breakdown Improved plant uptime and overall reliability shared throughout the enterprise, whether they are in control automation or business systems. Each group has visibility to the Two critically important turbine-driven pumps had a history of thrust actions that are required for bearing problems. Even though casing vibration checks were routine and proximity and RTD monitoring were continuous,...

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AMS Suite - 8

AMS Suite performance monitoring applications combine key performance indicators with clear graphical tools to show current equipment operation versus expected or design conditions. PROCESS EQUIPMENT MONITORING OPTIMIZE THROUGHPUT BY MANAGING EQUIPMENT PE Process equipment is a source of ongoing deterioration and sudden upset. As the performance of the equipment deteriorates, efficiency decreases; throughput declines; operating costs rise; and profits fall. Repeated Struggles: In addition, the tools help you Proper data analysis presents consider valuable interrelationships between process...

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AMS Suite - 9

P R E D I C T & O P T I MI Z E - AMS Asset Graphics: predictive and diagnostic data in graphical form - AMS Performance Advisor: data and tools for design improvements - AMS Performance Monitor: improvements designed by Emerson services experts ENTERGY CORPORATION Protect critical assets and 66% reduction in ramping time of boiler $950,000 fuel cost savings from minimum loading within 8 months monitoring with online protection and prediction, you ensure the health and safety of both your $240,000 in savings from repair to the air heater, following identification equipment and personnel....

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AMS Suite - 10

AMS Suite APM securely collects, consolidates, and distributes valuable real-time asset information for all the intelligent assets in the plant or across multiple plants. MOVE TOWARD FULL SOLUTIONS WITH ENTERPRISE-WI As you survey your facility, do you know where the greatest threats to your processes lie? Plants make money when their assets operate properly, so information on how well critical assets are performing is essential. For example, AMS Suite: Asset Performance Management, reduce costs based on Meridium’s APM software, Strengthen your process by allows you to streamline your...

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AMS Suite - 11

DE DIAGNOSTICS Drive operational excellence Unexpected equipment failures are reduced because AMS Suite APM provides your team with a deep understanding of the health of all your assets and the process. Lower maintenance costs Greater operator efficiency Safer work practices Challenge: A full trip in a combined cycle gas turbine power station can cost up to 1 million euros in the first hour. It can take hours to restart the plant and Data gathered by AMS Suite APM can significantly reduces the operating life of a turbine. Finding a way to avoid be configured on a dashboard that unexpected...

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