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ARES Asset Management Platform Product Data Sheet July 2016 AMS Machine Works Vibration analysis tools for diagnosis of machinery health Familiar tools in a more intuitive interface for faster implementation Provides analytics for data acquired through the Emerson Smart Wireless Gateway with the CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter Software module for the new ARES™ Asset Management Platform to maximize asset performance and reliability Part of the new ARES Platform, AMS Machine Works is providing familiar tools for a shorter implementation and learning curve. Powerful Tools in an Intuitive Interface You have thousands of machines, any one of which could be developing a critical problem. You collected data from these machines, but having a single location where the data comes together and you can identify your troublemakers quickly would be more efficient. The AMS Machine Works includes a vibration analysis module with familiar, easy to use analytical tools such as The process is greatly simplified in AMS Machine Works because creating a database and configuring devices, allow the user to get started quickly and start identifying problems. AMS Machine Works combines predictive maintenance techniques with comprehensive analysis tools to provide easy and accurate assessment of the machinery health in your facility. Scalar value trending Bias, gap voltage trending Trend Historian Waveform (points/ Live or P) PeakVue™ overall, waveform, spectrum Fault frequencies

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ARES Asset Management Platform Intuitive tools and plots make identifying faults easy. ■ Run-out subtraction (waveform/vector plots) ■ Harmonic family detection ■ Sideband frequency detection ■ Spectral peak value list ■ Play audio of waveform ■ View data at the logical machine, or directly from ■ Look at the X, Y, and Z plot in a single screen ■ View the complete machine component: all measurement points of an entire machine or machine train in a single screen ■ View similar machines from more than one database ■ Select how many and what types of plots will appear ■ Identify changes in...

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ARES Asset Management Platform Integrate Data from the Wireless Vibration Transmitter Emerson’s CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter is integrated into the ARES Platform through the Emerson Smart Wireless Gateway (1410 and 1420 models). AMS Machine Works then utilizes that data to perform in-depth vibration analysis of the monitored rotating assets. AMS Machine Works provides a CSI 9420 user with all of the necessary tools and functionality needed to utilize his wireless vibration transmitters to their full potential. This includes complete vibration data including overall levels, energy...

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ARES Asset Management Platform Minimum Requirements: Standalone The standalone system includes the server and client on the same computer. ARES Version Operating System 2.4GHz dual processor or faster Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express and above Ordering Information Part Number The ARES Emerson Wireless Vibration Pack includes everything needed for a single user to get started using ARES Platform with their 1410, or 1420 Smart Wireless Gateways, and the CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitters. Included in this package is AMS Machine Works, which will enable the user to analyze and trend...

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