220-30-020 Series CANopen® Pressure and Temperature Transmitter


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220-30-020 Series CANopen® Pressure and Temperature Transmitter - 1

Product Data Sheet September 2015 220-30-020-DS REV-E Designed for remote subsea systems, our 220-30-020 Series meets the requirements of API 17F / ISO 13628-6 and CIA 443 (SIIS Level 2 device) and provides designers with an intelligent CANopen® networking solution for pressure and temperature measurement. Designed for pressure ranges of 0-15,000 PSIA (1034 BAR) and temperature measurement from +25°F to +140°F (-4°C to +60°C) the 220-30-020 Series MCBH4F subsea connector and all welded con struction for long term subsea operation. ■ Subsea Environment Ready. ■ Digital CANopen® Accuracy. ■ Longer & Simpler Network Connections. ■ Extreme Depths & Pressure. Potential Applications ■ Subsea Production & Controls Systems. ■ Remote / Extreme Pressure Monitoring. ■ Corrosive Environment Pressure Monitoring. ■ Submersible Subsea Applications. ■ ROV's & AUV's. ■ Subsea Valves & Manifolds. Paine ■ Operating Temperature: +25°F to +140°F (-4°C to +60°C). ■ Digital Output: CANopen® Fault Tolerant. ■ Pressure Range: 0-15,000 PSIA (0 to 1034 BAR). ■ Accuracy: 0.1%. ■ Repeatability: ± 0.015%. ■ Resolution: 16 Bits Minimum. 0.08 PSI for 5,000 PSI (344 BAR) Full Scale. ■ Temperature Output: °F or°C. ■ Temperature Resolution: 10 Bits Minimum, Better Than 0.5°F.

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220-30-020 Series CANopen® Pressure and Temperature Transmitter - 2

Product Data Sheet September 2015 Specifications Calibration: Calibration Certificates are supplied with each unit and available on-line. Performance Accuracy: ± 0.1% of the Full Scale (F.S.). Accuracy is relative to primary standard at time of calibration and includes resolution, hysteresis, non-repeatability and thermal effects. Pressure Output in BAR: Compensated for the effects of temperature and non-linearity. Pressure Resolution: 16 Bits Minimum. See Pressure Table. Temperature Output: °F or °C. Temperature Measurement: 20°F to +150°F (-6°C to +65°C). Temperature Resolution: 10 Bits...

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