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213 Heritage Series Pressure Transmitter

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Product Data Sheet February 2017 Paine 213-Heritage-Satellite-DS, Rev E Paine Heritage-Satellite Series Pressure Transmitter VDC, Space Qualified, Heritage, +70 °C, Ranges to 0-500 to 0-5,000 PSIA (0-34 to 0-344 BAR) The Heritage-Satellite Series is a space qualified amplified transmitter that offers pressure ranges from 0-500 to 0-5,000 PSIA (34 to 344 BAR), operates at temperatures from -20 °F to +175 °F (-29 °C to +70 °C). Perfected over decades of mission critical satellite and space probe missions. From satellite thruster propellant pressure systems to space vehicle propellant tank gauging, the Heritage-Satellite Series is designed to tolerate the high levels of shock and vibration of launch and normal operation without damage. Designed with electronics to meet EEE INST-002/MSFCSTD- 3012 Level 2 standards, this series is utilized as a reference in the design of many new custom sensors and provides a baseline for design engineers in developing a new space rated measurement solutio

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Solutions ■ Low and high pressure series options • 213-76-860-01 Series: 0-500 psia (34 bar) • 213-36-740-01 Series: 0-5,000 psia (344 bar) ■ Orbital environment ready ■ EEE INST-002/MSFCSTD-3012 Grade 2 standard electronics Potential Applications ■ Thruster propellant pressure ■ Propellant tank gauging ■ Control surface actuator controls ■ Propellant temperature ■ Manipulator arm controls Features ■ Accuracy: ± 1.5%of full scale over the calibrated temperature range ■ Operating temperature: -20 °F to +175 °F (-29 °C to +70 °C) ■ Pressure Range: • 213-76-860-01: 0-500 psia (34 bar) •...

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Pressure range: Contact factory for additional pressure ranges. Operating media: any compatible with 15-5 PH CRES and 321 CRES Pressure tube: weldable, type 321 CRES Total Ionizing Doze: 100K Rad minimum Weight/mass: 8.0 oz. (226 grams) maximum Mounting requirements: • Mounting surface: metal, flat ± 0.005 (± 0.13) • Surface finish: 125-pin. (.0032) • Contact area: metal to metal point contacts between pads and mounting surface are sufficient. Use of heat sink compound under pads is optional. • Mounting surface area total: 0.83-in.~2 (535 mm*2) Electrical Input voltage: + 22.0 VDC to +39.0,...

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Product Data Sheet February 2017 Paine 213-Heritage-Satellite-DS, Rev E Rosemount Specialty Product LLC Emerson Automation Solutions 5545 Nelpar Drive East Wenatchee, WA 98822, USA © +1 509 8812100 © +1 509 881 2115 Paine.Products@Emerson.com Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale can be found on the Terms and Conditions of Sale page. The Emerson logo is a trademark and service mark of Emerson Electric Co. The Paine brandand Paine logotype are trademarks Emerson Electric Co. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. © 2017 Emerson. All rights reserved.

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