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1500XA Gas Chromatograph

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1500XA Process Gas Chromatograph Product Data Sheet Emerson Process Management offers a complete line of gas chromatographs specifically designed for process applications. The 1500XA process gas chromatograph combines the proven analytical components of the field-mounted GCs with the larger oven capacity of a traditional air-bath oven design. The result is maximum analyzer reliability and analytical flexibility in one ■ Traditional air-bath oven design for maximum application ■ Fully compatible with modern Ethernet networks and DCS ■ New XA valves, based on the reliable design of our line of superior six-port chromatograph diaphragm valves. ■ Oven capacity for up to eight chromatograph valves and two ■ Choice of thermal conductivity, flame ionization orflame photometric detectors ■ Thermal conductivity detector (TCD) sensitive down to very ■ Storage of up to 2,500 chromatograms, including sample calibration and validation streams ■ Archives up to 64 item averages and up to 35 days of standard runs and calculations The 1500XA is designed for a variety of refining, petrochemical, power, and environmental applications where selected components in gaseous or liquid streams must be precisely monitored on a continuous basis. Power Generation ■ Power generation plants Environmental Monitoring ■ HR-VOCs in flares and cooling ■ Sulfur compound monitoring ROSEMOUNT' EMERSON

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Internal Components Gas Chromatograph Valves The chromatograph valves used in Emerson's process gas chromatographs are unique to the online gas chromatograph market. Using a design originally developed by NASA, the valve offers greatly extended operating life. Emerson Process Management is currently the only online gas chromatograph supplier to offer a lifetime warranty on their chromatograph valves. JJ Simple mechanical design JJ Sample does not come in contact with internal moving parts JJ More than five million operations per valve JJ Lifetime warranty JJ Rotary liquid injection valves...

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MON2020™ Software The 1500XA Process Gas Chromatograph is designed to operate unattended. If adjustments are needed, our exclusive MON2020™ software allows complete control of your gas chromatographs – either locally or remotely. From within MON2020, a user can: JJ Review and modify analytical settings on one screen JJ Upload and display multiple chromatograms on the screen for comparison JJ Upload and trend any of the measured results JJ Export data for use in other third-party applications JJ Check original calibration against last calibration JJ Perform GC operation checks and...

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Touch Key Local Operator Interface The 1500XA local operator interface (LOI) permits maintenance and operation of a 1500XA without a laptop or PC. The LOI is a state-of-the-art, high-resolution color display that is touch key infrared activated and supports all core GC operations. Color LCD with full VGA (640 x 480 pixels) resolution ASCII text and graphics modes Auto-backlighting (adjustable) Eight infrared-activated touch keys and screen saver In addition, the LOI: JJ Eliminates external magnetic pen requirement and tactile buttons JJ Maintains the 1500XA hazardous area classifications JJ...

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Data Communication The 1500XA Process Gas Chromatograph can provide data to third-party products, such as control systems or flow computers, using Foundation fieldbus, Modbus TCP (SIM 2251 and User Modbus), Modbus Serial, and 4–20 mA analog outputs. Custom-Engineered Process Analytical Systems A complete online analytical solution is more than just the analyzer. Sample conditioning systems to prepare the sample for analysis, communication links to the plant control computer, and packaging of the analytical equipment into a cabinet or shelter all play an important role. Emerson Process...

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Specifications Please consult Rosemount Analytical if your requirements are outside the specifications listed below. Improved performance, other products and material offerings may be available depending on the application. Power: 115 VAC ±15 %, 220 VAC ±15 %, 50/60 HZ 400 watts running, 1100 watts start-up Dimensions (without sample system): 198 cm H x 61 cm W x 61 cm D (70'' H x 24'' W x 24'' D) Mounting: Wall-mount (standard); free-standing (optional) Communications (Standard) Approximate Weight (without sample system): Approximately 68 kg. (150 lbs.) Analog Inputs: Two standard inputs...

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Recommended Installation The drawings below represent the minimum recommended installation guidelines for the 1500XA Process Gas Chromatograph. Please consult Rosemount Analytical for detailed installation recommendation of your application. FIELD FOJN CATION WIRING ACCESS ACTUATION REGULATOR

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1500XA Process Gas Chromatograph Product Data Sheet Emerson Process Management Rosemount Analytical Analytical Center of Excellence 10241 West Little York, Suite 200 Emerson Process Management Bond Street, Dumyat Business Park MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Emerson Process Management Jebel AN Free Zone Dubai, United Arab Emirates, P.O. Box 17033 Emerson Process Management Asia Pacific Private Limited ©2013 Emerson Process Management. All rights reserved. The Emerson logo is a trademark and service mark of Emerson Electric Co. Rosemount Analytical is a mark of one of the Emerson Process Management...

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