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MAXXTURN 65 G2 Universal CNC turning center with milling drive and Y-axis

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Universal CNC Turning Center Maxxturn 65 G2 - 2

The new MAXXTURN 65 G2 has undergone an extensive redesign and, in addition to two powerful motor spindles, now also offers an optional BMT turret with direct drive. For the first time, three spindle sizes can be offered. A steady rest is available for shaft machining if required. While the proven two-part basic design has been retained, the integration of the chip conveyor has been optimized. WORK AREA / Mechanical separator / Pressure gauge for contamination display / HEPA after-filter attachment, filter class H13 / Max. suction capacity: 1040 m3/h / Easily accessible workspace / Optimal...

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Universal CNC Turning Center Maxxturn 65 G2 - 3

Leistung und Momentenverlauf R9-ø95 Hauptspindel Leistung und Momentenverlauf HTKennlinien 665 Hauptspindel / Dynamic direct drive / Large speed range / C-axis / Stroke-monitored parts ejector / A2-6 spindle connection MACHINE BASE MACHINE STAND / Extremely stiff welded steel construction / Compact structure / Very high thermostability / Filled with vibration-absorbing material / Thermally isolated from the machine base / Large coolant container that is easy to clean / No leveling necessary / 100% sealed against coolant leaks TOOL TURRET / VDI quick change system / 12 driven tool stations /...

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Universal CNC Turning Center Maxxturn 65 G2 - 4

/ Powerful driven tools / Y-axis for complexe milling operations / Counter spindle for complete machining / Flexible automatic tailstock / Steady rest for supporting shafts / Very compact machine layout / State-of-the-art control technology Sinumerik ONE incl. Shop Turn MAIN SPINDLE There are three spindle sizes to choose from. One is the 65 spindle with A2-6 and for larger bar parts once the 76 and the 95 spindle with A2-8. For complex milling operations, the spindle can be moved interpolating. The direct drive ensures extremely precise and dynamic positioning. TOOL TURRET WITH VDI...

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Universal CNC Turning Center Maxxturn 65 G2 - 5

NETWORKS ARE CREATED INDIVIDUALLY OUR SOLUTIONS AS WELL  Staying in touch is important not only among human beings. Persons, machines and the whole production environment must also be connected perfectly and safely in order to ensure efficient procedures during the production process. With EMCONNECT, the machine is optimally equipped for this purpose. The optional EMCONNECT Digital Services offer innovative online services for optimized machine operation. The user has always the control of the machine status. The automatic notification in case of malfunctions or standstill of the machine...

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Universal CNC Turning Center Maxxturn 65 G2 - 6

THE EMCO GANTRY LOADER. INDIVIDUAL PROCESS OPTIMIZATION. Workpiece magazine Blank-specific pallet attachments enable oriented loading of blanks into the machine and increase the parts stock for unmanned production. Changeover times are reduced or eliminated thanks to the perfect adjustment to the customer‘s parts. GANTRY LOADER PALLET MAGAZINE (20 stations) GRIPPER SYSTEM 2 x 3-jaw double gripper head 4-station pallet attachment for tees 6-station pallet attachment for articulated brackets Multi-pallet attachment for a family of parts ADVANTAGES / Fully automatic loading and unloading of...

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Universal CNC Turning Center Maxxturn 65 G2 - 7

Compact standard automation for small and medium-sized batches for turning and milling machines. „The Turn-/Mill-Assist by EMCO is an automation concept tailored to the machining industry‘s requirements. I think that very short setup times and userfriendliness are decisive factors when it comes to profitable production.“ More compact and more user-friendly than comparable solutions - characteristics that best describe the Turn/Mill-Assist for loading and unloading EMCO turning or milling machines. Depending on your range of parts and batch sizes, you can choose from among several models....

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Universal CNC Turning Center Maxxturn 65 G2 - 8

The EMCO short bar loaders. Universal and powerful. SHORT AND TO THE POINT. The EMCO SL 1200 is the perfect solution for automatic feeding and loading of cut-to-length bars. The key advantages are a small footprint and rapid loading times resulting from shorter strokes. moveable for service purposes. Besides, it can comfortably be incorporated into the production process using the machine control‘s programme input masks. Minimum setup efforts are required when switching over to other bar diameters. The technology. The EMCO SL 1200 can be used immediately as a “plug-and-play” solution. Their...

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Universal CNC Turning Center Maxxturn 65 G2 - 9

INCREASED COOLANT PRESSURE A 14 bar coolant pump is available as an option and alternative to the 3.5 bar version. It completes the pumps in the basic machine. For maintenance purposes and to clean the coolant tray, the pumps can easily be swung out so that the coolant tray can be pulled out towards the front. TOOL MEASUREMENT The optional tool measuring sensor in the work area allows for fast and precise tool measurement within the machine. It is manually mounted below the main spindle. After use, it is removed and placed onto a tray on the left-hand side of the machine casing. CHIP...

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Universal CNC Turning Center Maxxturn 65 G2 - 10

WORK AREA Machine layout MT65 G2 Work area MT65 G2 with 12-position VDI 30 turret MACHINE LAYOUT

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Universal CNC Turning Center Maxxturn 65 G2 - 11

WORK AREA Work area MT65 G2 with 12-position BMT55 turret Work area MT65 G2 with 16-barrel BMT45 turret WORK AREA

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Universal CNC Turning Center Maxxturn 65 G2 - 12

Work area Tool turret with BMT interface and direct drive Tailstock travel Number of tool positions Height of spindle center above floor Swing over slide Maximum contact pressure Precision interface Machine height Distance between centers in tailstock version Maximum travel speed Tool cross section for square tools Main spindle / counter spindle distance Inner cone for taking up the roller centre punch Shank diameter for boring bars Total weight Maximum turning diameter Tool change time Maximum part length Speed range Round axis resolution Rapid motion speed Material support Tool turret...

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Universal CNC Turning Center Maxxturn 65 G2 - 13

EMCO GmbH / Salzburger Str. 80 / 5400 Hallein-Taxach / Austria / T +43 6245 891-0 / F +43 6245 86965 / info@emco.at www.emco-world.com EN9065 . 07/22. Technical modifications reserved. Errors and omissions excepted. beyond standard

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