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EMCOTURN E25 CNC turning center for bar stock work up to Ø 25 mm and also chucking work up to 100 mm

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Small workpieces present special challenges. The EMCOTURN E25 has been designed to meet exactly these challenges. Mostly these are workpieces from the fields of precision engineering, medical technology, electronics, optics or jewellery industry, but also in the automotive sector and in general mechanical engineering, small parts of high quality are needed. A solid and compact machine construction with precision spindle, 12-fold tool turret and tailstock enables the machining of workpieces both from bars and inserts. For the automatic feeding of raw material or blanks a bar loader or a...

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VALIDATED QUALITY Tensile test (Brass) / ROUNDNESS AND SURFACE QUALITY / REPEAT ACCURACY 1 ENGRAViNG USiNG CYLiNDER iNTERPOLATiON 2 CONTOUR MiLLED USiNG CYLiNDER iNTERPOLATiON 3 POLYGON TURNiNG OR PROFiLE MiLLiNG WiTH C-AXiS iNTERPOLATiON 4 tapped or whirled iNSiDE THREAD Fitting (Stainless steel) Ring (Gold) Valve cap (Stainless steel) Plug (Stainless steel) Material: Cutting tool: Turning diameter: Cutting speed: Feed rate: Cutting depth: Brass (Cu Zn 40 Pb 2 ) Carbide insert CCGX 09 T3 04-AL 0 35 mm 300 m/min 0,025 mm/rev 0,03 mm Material: Turning diameter: Tolerance: Spindle speed: Feed...

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Turning Center EMCOTURN E25 - 4

/ Stable machine bed / Pre-tensioned linear guides / Maximum thermostability / Best machining precision / Most compact machine construction / State-of-the art Siemens or Fanuc control technology / Made in the Heart of Europe 3-jaw power chuck Thanks to the KFD-HS 95/3 power chuck, the EMCOTURN E25 is also capable of processing flange parts. With a passage of 26 mm, shaft parts can be clamped without replacing the clamping device by a collet chuck. Pull-type collet chuck Push-type collet chuck This dead-length collet chuck allows to feed the bar stock against a bar stop without pull-back...

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Turning Center EMCOTURN E25 - 5

r EMCO SHORT LOADER In order to tackle the ever-increasing pressure relating to machine footprints, EMCO has developed the most compact short loader available on the market: EMCO SL 1200. OPERATING PANEL /machine LAYOUT ^^Machine layout E25 EMCOTURN E25 SPINDLE EXTENSION FOR SHORT BAR FEEDER The spindle extension can be offered for processing cut-to-length material bars up to a length of 800 mm. The cut-to-length bar material can then be fed either manually or with a short bar loader. The operating buttons and the diameter adjustment are located on the front side of the SL 1200. If...

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Turning Center EMCOTURN E25 - 6

n [min-1] Gefahr der Kollision des Werk- curve main spindle Motor characteristic zeugwenders mit dem Reitstock! Motor characteristic curve tool tool turret Motorkennlinie Werkzeugwender (angetriebene Werkzeuge) Turret swing circle Flugkreise Motorkennlinie Werkzeugwender Flugkreise Turret swing circle Work area E25 with driven tools Maschine mit angetriebenen Werkzeugen 24 Work area E25 without driven tools Maschine ohne angetriebene Werkzeuge work area work area

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Turning Center EMCOTURN E25 - 7

Swing over bed Swing over cross slide Maximum distance between centers Maximum turning diameter Maximum turning length Maximum bar-stock diameter Travel TECHNICAL DATA Driven tools / Coupling DIN 5480 0 250 mm 0 85 mm 405 mm 0 85 mm 255 mm 0 25,5 mm Number of stations Drive performance Maximum torque Speed range Feed drives Rapid traverse X / Z 15 / 24 m/min Feed force in the X / Z axis 3000 / 3500 N Positioning scatter Ps (according VDI 3441) X / Z 2 / 2 pm* Tailstock Quill stroke 120 mm Quill diameter (live center integrated) 35 mm Quill bore taper integrated live-centre Main spindle...

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EMCO GmbH / Salzburger Str. 80 / 5400 Hallein-Taxach / Austria / T +43 6245891-0 / F +43 624586965 / info@emco.at www.emco-world.com DE4551 . 03/20 . Technical modifications reserved. Errors and omissions excepted. beyond standard

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