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INDUSTRIAL TRAINING CONCEPT TURN CNC training with industrial performance

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For many, the gateway to the world of machining is an EMCO. But the demands on training concepts are becoming ever more varied and are changing with digitalisation. That is why we also provide our customers with individual solutions in this area, which start as early as the planning phase and are designed precisely for the corresponding needs and possibilities. Our goal is to set new standards in consulting, training and education. Thanks to its modular structure, the concept of EMCO Industrial Training is suitable for customer-specific consulting and optimally adapted CNC training....

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MAIN SPINDLE / Max. speed 4200 rpm / Clockwise/counterclockwise spindle rotation / Spindle bore Ø 16 mm WORK AREA / Fully enclosed work area / Large safety glass window in door / All-round protection against chips The Concept TURN 60 is a PC-controlled 2-axis CNC tabletop turning machine conforming to the industry standard in terms of design and function. It offers the user more power and functionality, in accordance with the demands of ISO 23125. All the key processes in modern manufacturing can be illustrated using this device and comprehended in a practical and realistic way. With...

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MAIN DRIVE / Infinitely variable main drive / 3 phase asynchronous motor SWIVEL TABLE / Extensible drawer for PC keyboard / Arranged ergonomically This compact milling machine is well suited for CNC training and has almost all the features of an industrial machine: optional with 8-station tool changer with swivel arm and pick-up system, NC indexing device as fourth axis, minimum quantity lubrication and latest state-of-the-art control technology. WORK AREA / Full cover of work area / Large safety glass window in door / All-round protection against chips / Stable, gray cast-iron construction...

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PC-controlled 2-axis turning machine with table format. All precision components of the Concept TURN 105 such as headstock, slide, tool system and tailstock are installed on a rigid, vibrationdamping, gray cast-iron inclined bed. Generously sized motors ensure high feed forces and acceleration values. Pre-stressed, backlash-free circulating-ball spindles and an optimum guide ratio for the slides ensure stability and precision. WORK AREA / Fully enclosed work area / Large safety glass window in door / Generous view of working area / All-round protection against chips / Best ergonomics /...

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TOOL MAGAZINE / Tool magazine with directional logic / For 10 tools WORK AREA / Generous view of work area / Best ergonomics To ensure maximum precision the slides and load-bearing elements of the Concept MILL 105 are manufactured from gray cast iron. Equipped with infinitely variable main drive, 10-station tool changer, pneumatic vise and NC indexing device as optional fourth axis, this compact machine in table format is optimally suitable for teaching of sophisticated function and manufacturing technologies. The control for the Concept MILL 105 is connected via PC, on which the...

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The Concept TURN 260 convinces by its extreme solid machine bed, a thermosymmetric spindle head, precision spindle bearing, preloaded roller guides in all axes and a fast tool turret. The interchangeable control EMCO WinNC for all current industrial controls completes the machine. Fitting (Stainless steel) WORK AREA / Free chip drop / Excellent ergonomics / All-round protection against chips / Large safety glass window in door / High drive performance / Thermoresistant construction / Large speed range / Bar capacity Ø 25 mm / Hollow clamping device MAIN SPINDLE TOOL TURRET ROLLER GUIDES /...

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The Concept MILL 260 convinces with a drive performance of 6.8 kW and a 20-position tool magazine with a quick double gripper. Thanks to its stable and compact design, the Concept Mill 260 fits into the smallest space. The exchangeable EMCO WinNC control allows for maximum flexibility when it comes to training in the use of all common machine controls. TOOL MAGAZINE / 20-station tool magazine / Quick release with double-gripper / Tool system SK 30 DIN 69871 MAIN DRIVE / Infinitely variable main drive / Powerful asynchronous AC motor / Main spindle bearing: Lifetime lubricated MACHINE BASE /...

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TOOL TURRET / 12 stations VDI 30 axial / Six stations driven upon request / Milling of polygons / Synchronized thread cutting / Up-to-date digital AC controlling technology / 21.5“ Touchscreen / MOC: integrated PC / WinNC concept: all standard NC controls on one machine / Multifunctional handwheel WORK AREA / Unobstructed chip fall / Best possible ergonomics / Completely covered guideways Equipped with a programmable, hydraulic tailstock and in combination with C-axis, driven tools and digital drive technology, the Concept TURN 460 corresponds in function and performance to a modern...

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WORK AREA AND TORQUE CONCEPT TURN 60 IB U N G technoLogische daten MACHINE LAYOUT Torque Drehmoment Drehzahl Flugkreise am Werkzeugwender / ndustry-standard inclined-bed design I / Mechanical tailstock / High-resolution axis motors / obotic- and DNC-Interface (for integration in FMS and CIM) R / Clockwise/counterclockwise spindle rotation / Automatic clamping devices / Infinitely adjustable main drive / utomatic door and electromechanical A / utomatic 8-position tool turret: above the center of rotation for A improved chip removal and optimal reachability of the workpiece by the operator /...

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Maschine mit Untersatz (Option) / Stable, gray cast iron construction / Clockwise/counterclockwise spindle rotation / Minimum quantity lubrication / Infinitely variable main drive / Electronic handwheel / Automatic reference points / Engraving spindle attachment / Fully covered work area / NC indexing attachment as optional fourth axis / Made in the Heart of Europe / Robotic- and DNC-Interface (for integration in FMS and CIM) / Machine base with swivel table * with tool changer (option) MACHINE LAYOUT WORK AREA AND TORQUE CONCEPT MILL 55

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MACHINE LAYOUT WORK AREA AND TORQUE CONCEPT TURN 105 ARBEITSRAUM Pneumatic futter ø85 chuck ø82 / table, gray cast-iron inclined-bed construction S / xtensive tool range E / Three-point support for machine bed / Pneumatic tailstock / Hardened guideways / Central lubrication system / 8-station tool changer / Fully enclosed work area 31 / Made in the Heart of Europe / Automatic clamping device / Minimum quantity lubrication / Coolant system / Machine base with swivel table

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