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Emcoturn E65 - 1

EMCOTURN E65 Universal turning center for complete machining of bar stock and chuck work

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Emcoturn E65 - 2

EMCOTURN E65 iN THE TAiLSTOCK VERSiON The new EMCOTURN E65 with tailstock underwent a complete redesign. As of now, it may be used with a Y-axis for the processing of complex turned/milled parts. A reduction in the auxiliary process times was achieved through increased rapid traverse speeds. There are two spindle sizes available: one with a bar capacity of up to 65 mm and another with up to 95 mm. Workpieces with a diameter of up to 95 mm may thus be automatically fed and processed by means of a short bar feeder. 1 WORK AREA / Easily accessible workspace / Optimal chip flow / Guideways...

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Emcoturn E65 - 3

EMCOTURN E65 iN THE COUNTER SPiNDLE VERSiON The new EMCOTURN E65 S with counter spindle, radial turret and optional Y-axis is the entry-level machine for the complete processing of turned/milled parts. Thanks to the fully-developed counter spindle, it is possible to turn, mill and drill workpieces on both sides. The counter spindle may also be used as a tailstock for supporting long workpieces. If required, large shaft parts may even be unloaded through the counter spindle. 1 WORK AREA / Easily accessible workspace / Optimal chip flow / Guideways fully covered TOOL TURRET / 12-position...

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Emcoturn E65 - 4

TOOL TURRET / VDI quick change system / 12 driven tool stations / No alignment of the tool holder / Can be used on both spindles / Swivel speed adjustable with override VALIDATED QUALITY / ROUNDNESS AND SURFACE QUALITY / WIEDERHOLGENAUIGKEIT COUNTER SPiNDLE / Large speed range / C-axis / Spindle clamp / A2-6 spindle connection Material: Cutting tool: Turning diameter: Cutting speed: Feed rate: Cutting depth: Brass (Cu Zn 40 Pb 2 ) Carbide insert CCGX 09 T3 04-AL 0 55 mm 300 m/min 0.025 mm/rev 0.03 mm Material: Turning diameter: Tolerance: Spindle speed: Feed rate: Cutting depth: MACHiNE...

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Emcoturn E65 - 5

/ Powerful driven tools / Y-axis for complexe milling operations / Counter spindle for complete machining / Flexible automatic tailstock / Top machining precision / Very compact machine layout / State-of-the-art control technology from MAIN SPINDLE Siemens Sinumerik 828D, Fanuc0iTF or Heidenhain CNC PILOT 640 incl. Shop Turn / Manual Guide i / Smart Turn Tool turret / tailstock version Tool turret / counter spindle version Axial tool turret for the tailstock version. Quick 12-fold servo turret with very short indexing times for standardized VDI30 or VDI40 tools. All stations can include...

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Emcoturn E65 - 6

The CNC control unit: The brains of each CNC lathe The CNC-series 0iTF model is the ideal solution for compact high-end lathes. An attractive price-performance ratio teamed with unmatched dynamics, precision and reliability. This control unit is characterised by easy operation and programmability. Using the FOCAS interface, it can easily be connected to higher-level IT systems, whilst offering maximum performance and functionality. Easy and rapid automation by means of a robot or gantry loader is guaranteed. EMCO diagnostic images Machine tools are facing ever-increasing requirements. They...

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Emcoturn E65 - 7

Workpiece magazine Blank-specific pallet attachments enable oriented loading of blanks into the machine and increase the parts stock for unmanned production. Changeover times are reduced or eliminated thanks to the perfect adjustment to the customer‘s parts. Gantry loader Pallet magazine (20-station) Gripper system 2 x 3-jaw double gripper head 4-station pallet attachment for tees 6-station pallet attachment for articulated brackets Multi-pallet attachment for a family of parts Advantages / Fully automated loading and / Multi-channel Sinumerik control incl. user cycles / Seamless interplay...

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Emcoturn E65 - 8

Increased coolant pressure Tool measurement Measuring sensor storage FINISHED PARTS CONVEYOR The optional spin window allows for a perfect view into the work area, also during machining with coolant. Thanks to the spinning pane, the coolant is slung away immediately after the impact. Thus, the pane remains perfectly clear. Protected storage area for the measuring sensor and the adjustment gauge. The finished parts catcher places the machined parts onto a collector belt. Since the belt is clocked, the parts – which are often very complex – are kept from falling on top of each other. Belt...

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Emcoturn E65 - 9

Work area Machine layout E65 with EMCO SL1200 Work area E65 with tailstock - VDI30 Machine without Y-axes through Software limit switches collision-protected area Machine layout

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Emcoturn E65 - 10

Work area Work area E65 with counter spindle - VDI30 Work area E65 with tailstock - VDI40 Machine without Y axes through Software limit switches collision-protected area

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Emcoturn E65 - 11

Work area Power and Torque Work area E65 with counter spindle - VDI40 Motor characteristics for counter spindle Motor characteristics for main spindle size 95 Motor characteristics for main spindle size 65 n [min-1] Tool turret motor charasteristics for driven tools

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Emcoturn E65 - 12

Swing over bed Swing over slide Distance between centers on tailstock version Main spindle / counter spindle distance Maximum turning diameter Maximum part length Maximum bar diameter Technical Data Tailstock Coolant system Tailstock bore taper C-axis Power consumption Round axis resolution Connected load Compressed air EMCOTURN E65 Rapid motion speed 1000 rpm Travel in Y 80 (+/-40) mm Number of tool positions (all driven) 12 Tool cross-section for square tools 20 x 20 (25 x 25) mm Shaft diameter for boring bars 32 mm Tool change time 0,2 (0,3) sec. Maximum drive power 6,7 kW Counter...

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Emcoturn E65 - 13

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