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EMCOMAT E-200 MC - 1

EMCOMAT E-200 MC Universal lathe with cycle-control

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EMCOMAT E-200 MC - 2

The EMCOMAT E-200 MC is characterized by great cutting performance, high precision and universality of use. The generously dimensioned working area enables the machining of large workpieces. For precise positioning of the axes, the EMCOMAT E-200 MC is equipped with backlash-free ball screws. The machine can be used manually with the handwheels or feed keys and also as a cycle-controlled lathe with Sinumerik 828D for single parts or small batches. The „Manual Machine“ user interface of the Sinumerik 828D provides optimum support for the user‘s usual point of view during setup, programming...

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EMCOMAT E-200 MC - 3

/ igh cutting power H / igh quality casting with strong ribs for H low-vibration machining operations / ully automatic central lubrication of the F X and Z slides and the recirculation ball spindles / lectronic handwheels are available for E manual operation of X and Z axis / ade in the Heart of Europe M / Quick-change tool holder systems / Collet chuck / Steady rests / Plane spiral chucks 15“ Multi-Touch Display / oolant system C / entral lubrication of guides and recirculating ball C spindles / lectronic handwheels for X and Z control E / achine lighting M / artly covered workspace with...

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EMCOMAT E-200 MC - 4

MACHINE LAYOUT SINUMERIK 828D: High performance CNC control for ultimate accuracy and machining speed. SINUMERIK 828D and SINAMICS drive and motors are perfectly tailored for state of the art turning machines. Powerful CNC-functions enable highest workpiece accuracy at a minimum of machining time. With a flexible CNC programming language and the state of the art ShopTurn machining step programming, parts can be programmed and machined with maximum effectiveness. The ‘manual machine’ with handwheels or feed buttons provides you with machining capabilities as for a cycle turning machine. All...

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EMCOMAT E-200 MC - 5

Work area Distance between centers Feed range X/Z axis Center height Rapid motion speed X/Z axis Swing over cross slide Travel longitudinal Travel cross slide Quill diameter Cross slide - width Inner tape quill Quill travel Main spindle Allowable workpiece weights Spindle diameter With tailstock Max. face plate diameter Spindle speeds Spindle speed regulation infinitely adjustable Max. torque at main spindle Total height Total width Main drive Total length Weight of machine with 1000 mm center distance

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EMCOMAT E-200 MC - 6

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