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EMCO Vertical Turning Machines - 1

EMCO VERTICAL VT 400/260/160 Vertical turning machines with integrated automation

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EMCO Vertical Turning Machines - 2

MAIN SPINDLE AND DRIVE UNIT CONTROL / Simple programming and operation thanks to the state-of-the-art control technology / Sinumerik 828D with Shopturn dialog programming and Sinamics drives / Highly dynamic main spindle up to 7000 rpm and Sinamic drive unit / Energy-efficient modular design WORK AREA / User-friendly work area / Optimized access to the clamping equipment, workpiece and tools The VT 160 is equipped with a highly dynamic drive unit and high-performance main spindle. The integrated pick-up system with „two track loading“ makes for a good supply of parts and short cycle times....

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EMCO Vertical Turning Machines - 3

Designed for heavy-duty machining, the VT 260 is equipped with an integrated self-loading system, yet it gets by with a small foot print. High productivity, high repeat accuracy and good operability are the impressive product features that characterize this machine. The turning machine has an integrated pickup system and self-loads chuck parts with a diameter of up to 260 mm, thus saving the user the additional costs and programming time involved with the use of an automated unit. The VT260 has the Siemens 828 control in the standard design and can optionally be equipped with Fanuc 31i or...

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EMCO Vertical Turning Machines - 4

The VT 400 for chuck parts up to 400 mm completes the series of EMCO vertical lathes. This compact and robust vertical machine has all the features of a modern production lathe. It comes, for instance, with a compact guideway concept, a linear measuring system and digital drive technology, which enables high-quality parts to be machined. The VT 400 is used in the light truck or utility vehicle industry, in the manufacture of gearboxes, and in the production of brake disks and hubs. With its +/- 90 mm Y axis and its high-performance driven tools combined with the multifunctional plate, this...

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EMCO Vertical Turning Machines - 5

HIGHLIGHTS / Robust, thermally stable machine concept / Latest drive technology from Siemens / Integrated spindle motor with 600 Nm / Linear guides size 55/45 for maximum stability / Digital drive technology and high traverse speeds to reduce main and ancillary times / Machining compartment that is easy to COOLANT SYSTEM COMPLETE MACHINING EXHAUST SYSTEM The standard coolant system contains a 14 bar pump which delivers the coolant to the tool tip via the tool turret. It optionally comes with a chip flushing system for cleaning the inside of the machines of chips; a coolant pistol or coolant...

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EMCO Vertical Turning Machines - 6

Motor characteristics for hollow spindle motor VT 160 The pallet system of the VT400 is designed to hold up to 15 parts with a diameter of 50 – 320 mm. As an alternative, a conveyor belt with carrier-prism can be offered. This can hold 12 parts with a diameter of 200 – 320 mm. MULTIFUNCTIONAL PLATE TOOL PROBES Very stable multifunctional plate. In the version without a Y axis, it also supports the use of long drilling tools. For measuring the tools located in the machine. The measuring arm is manually positioned on the spindle in the workspace and can be used for the tool turret. After use,...

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EMCO Vertical Turning Machines - 7

For more productivity: both the purchasing price and the performance values, such as the cycle time, use of manpower, etc., show the great efficiency of this right-hand and left-hand vertical turning machine in their interplay. Workpieces can be fully machined, independently of one another in the two separate workspaces – in other words, identical and different production processes are possible. The two machines are connected by a turning station. The two separate workspaces offer greater flexibility and safety in production processes. The Y axis, driven tools and multifunctional plate...

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EMCO Vertical Turning Machines - 8

LATERALLY REVERSED MACHINES For front and rear end workpiece machining. The DUO VT is available in a meander version equipped with a 180-degree turning unit and an optional separator. Depending on the operation, it is possible to use 25 pallets. An independent control unit is available for different operation modes (manual, setup, automatic). BYPASS LINE An integrated bypass line allows both a simultaneous production of different workpieces, as well as a different voltage at OP 10 and OP 20. AUTOMATIC TOOL TURNING UNIT The machine is equipped with a 180° workpiece turner and a lifting...

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EMCO Vertical Turning Machines - 9

LAYOUT PALLET TRANSPORT Layout pallet transport MR and MRW VT160DUO Palettentransport MRW (Variante mit Palettentransport MR gleiche Abmessung) VT260DUO Palettentransport MRW (Variante mit Palettentransport MR gleiche Abmessung) Layout pallet transport OVAL VT160DUO Palettentransport MRW (Variante mit Palettentransport MR gleiche Abmessung) LAYOUT PALLET TRANSPORT LAYOUT PALLET TRANSPORT VT160DUO Palettentransport OVAL VT260DUO Palettentransport OVAL

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EMCO Vertical Turning Machines - 10


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EMCO Vertical Turning Machines - 11

INSTALLATION PLAN EMCO VERTICAL VT 260 Installation plan with Siemens control EMCO VERTICAL VT 260 Workspace

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EMCO Vertical Turning Machines - 12

EMCO VERTICAL VT 260 Installation plan with Fanuc control EMCO VERTICAL VT 400 Workspace INSTALLATION PLAN

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EMCO Vertical Turning Machines - 13


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EMCO Vertical Turning Machines - 14

Work area Pallet transport Duo (Oval) Chuck size Maximum work piece diameter Workpiece diameter Maximum work piece length Workpiece height Travel Travel X / Y / Z axis Rapid motion speed X / Y / Z Storage and buffering capacity Workpiece turning device Vertical axis (Z) adjustable fixed stop Siemens Control unit Speed range Drive power Workpiece diameter Workpiece height Tool turret Number of tool holders Tool shaft according VDI (DIN 69880) Driven tools Speed range Drive power Coolant system Tank volume Coolant pressure standard / optional Dimensions and weight Overall height Floor space L...

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EMCO Vertical Turning Machines - 15

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