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NTP/IEEE 1588 Miniature Time Server NTS-pico3 • HARDWARE* PTP STAMPING • TIME SERVER NTP STRATUM-1 • GRANDMASTER PTP IEEE1588 • GNSS reference UTC time • <1s GNSS Reacquisition • <3s GNSS Hot Start (TTFF) • <25s GNSS Warm Start (TTFF) • <25s GNSS Cold Start (TTFF) • TCXO holdover for GNSS-less • Holdover 1 hour* < 4ms • Holdover 24 hour* < 100ms • Linux & TCP/IP (IPv4/IPv6*) • 100/10Mbps Ethernet LAN • 1PPS precission time support • NTP authentication • MD5, RSA, DSA, SSL security • HTTP, HTTPS, TELNET, SSH • SYSLOG, SNMP (MIB-2) • RS232/485/USB interface • 30m (38dB) antenna included • Works with any CLIENT soft: NTP (ntpd, ntpsec, xntpd) PTP, SNTP, CHRONY * extra feature requiring additional hardware and/or software firmware upgrade

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(nanoseconds) (miliseconds) (microseconds) (microseconds) (nanoseconds) (miliseconds) (miliseconds) NTS-pico3 is 3rd generation PICO miniature time server from Elproma. It delivers UTC ref. time directly to network using NTP and PTP protocols. Standard version of product includes software time stamping, but a hardware* stamping is available on request seriously improving accuracy of synchronization. It is equipped with single 100 Mbps Ethernet port working with IPv4/IPv6*. Server has been designed for small industrial networks, it has natural air cooling and it can operate 24/7. It is...

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