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• CESIUM ACCURACY > 10E 12 • OUTPUTS 100kHz 1/5/10MHz • 1PPS TTL 50 Q Input & Output • TIME CODES IRIG-B SYSPLEX • 10x LAN* (SFP/RJ45) 8x GE* hardware PHY stamps 2x 100Mbps software stamps • NTP v 2, 3, 4 SNTP • PTP IEEE1588 (SyncE* inside) • SNMP v3,v2 MIB2 RADIUS • MD5 RSA DSA SSL security • CRYPTO authentication MD5 • REMOTE server onfiguration SSH HTTPS HTTP TELNET • RS232/485 & USB interfaces • REDUNDANT power-supply* extrafeature requiring additional hardware and/or software firmware upgrad

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Cestum Atomic Clock Time Server This is CORE PTP module (2x2 cm) It is low-level component located on each of 1-4 PTP GRANDMASTER modules. It ensures private IP stack and HW (PHY) timestamping ensuring accuracy of nanoseconds. CORE PTPT(FPGA) i a basic component of PTP Granmaster card. There are max. 4 cards, each located in Expander 1-4. NTS-9000A is cesium hybrid server system (4U). It includes 2 components: (1)Cesium Clock -providing time & frequency reference; (2) Network Appliance - a time server delivered time to networks (max. 10x LAN) using prototocls like: NTP, SNTP, PTP...

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(1) Cesium Clock Synchronization I/O: (2) Time Server Network Aplliance I/O: Item dumber Skuusorijdal, I \ mi* into 5011. IMiu] SiUUhoiclal, I Viiilv into 501*1. Nomura] SmuscHdal, I \ tins it i(l> 5011. Nomina] SiUUhoiclal, I Viniv aiiCl» 501*1. Nomura] I |>j>s Sync Input Seiiul> Ouipat. Active Low IflO n* In LOO jis ivkle. ~2 to + I0V into 3O0TTL) TlimkiM TTL Opeiu CoUHUH. 1.6 k£l |ml]]-kip to 5V RcninTt' Ihirn Tmn^uus-sicHk 13. GNSS Input #1 /NTS-antenna/ 14. GNSS Input #2 /NTS-antenna/ 15. IRIG-B AM Input 16. IRIG-B AM Output 17. 10MHz Sine Input (n/a) 18. 10MHz Sine Out 19. 1PPS...

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