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R-IVR-180A Relay Product Code: 1-01-0071-03 Elife Power Relays are designed specially for use in battery applications and to operate in a vibration environment. The main key features of our power relays include: • High capacity and conduction efficiency. Table 1: Description of R-IVR-180A Relay. • Contributes to energy saving thanks to reduced coil hold voltage. • It can be supplied with both DC and AC voltage. • Design for battery system. Value Supply Input Voltage: • It can be directly driven by a PLC ( 210 mA @24 V ). • Vibration-absorbing inner lining that protects the case. • It can be supplied with an ultra-wide Input Voltage Range. • Capable for case temperature up to +70 ◦ C. Nominal Operating Power: Max. Admissible Input Voltage: Operating Temperature Range: • Very compact size 104x53x60 mm. Non-Polarized Contact ELIFE RELAY SUPPLY 1 Figure 1: The drawing, size in mm, and the wiring diagram of Elife Relays. This technical review shows the main features and technical information of R-IVR-180A Relay. For further information about this model and its applications, or to define an evaluation of your needs, please refer

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