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Oil-free Series Screw Air Compressors

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Oil-free Series Screw Air Compressors Oil-free air for all sustainable air needs Single-Stage OF-L Series: 90 - 300 kW Two-Stage OF Series: 90 - 450 kW Two-Stage OF-A Series: 90 - 170 kW

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I need oil-free air quality of Class Zero with no breakdowns and workable economics. The UPTIME assurance from ElGi ensures my requirements are satisfied. Concentration of total oil (liquid, aerosol and vapour mg/m3) more stringent than classl1 As specified by the equipment user or supplier

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ELGi Oil-Free Technology ELGi is one of the very few compressor companies to design and manufacture oil-free airends. With in-house oil-free technology, the compressors are engineered to deliver maximum uptime and reliability. ELGi’s unique eta-V rotor design reduces pressure losses and increases stage efficiencies, leading to an optimized compressed air system. Optimized component layout of the OF series machine provides easy serviceability with reduced service time. Incorporating superior safety norms, the compressors have not only low energy losses and low air outlet temperatures but are...

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With Rack and Pinion capacity control system, there is no maintenance for over one million cycles » lower cost of ownership Without two-step control With rack and pinion control Gives an edge to operate numerous cycles in a minute with reduction in pressure band. This saves energy and maintains pressure discharge. A differential pressure of 0.5 bar saves about 3% energy » Quicker return on investment Reliability / Working Conditions Competition Elgi Lower speed of airend » Gives better reliability due to lower gear ratio Usage of rigid Stainless Steel tubes » Improves product reliability...

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• Reliability of the entire system is ensured by using a dedicated programmable Logic Controller (PLC) • The PLC uses more than 15 safety interlocks gathering input from analog and digital modules PLC- Optional with customized solutions Add on features: • DCS connectivity with Modbus • Customized in-line with client requirement • Shock pulse monitoring system

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System Pressure Percentage loading nno/ air demand    lOO/o

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Every component in ELGi OF series starting from design, manufacturing till quality testing embody the philosophy of UPTIME ASSURANCE. The materials used ensure long life, reliability and ruggedness under wide ambient conditions to provide you with oil-free air for uninterrupted and seamless productivity. Bearings • Special bearings running at relatively low speeds and high temperatures • Optimized for oil free compressor speeds and temperatures considering the load and unload conditions. Oil-Seal • Non-contact type Visco seals made of Bronze • Helical grooves cut with helix...

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Coolers • Cupronickel coolers with water-in-tube system,designed for temperature difference of max. 8°C • Least fouling factor in its kind with best thermal efficiency Rotor • Patented eta-V profile with 3/5 lobe for high swept volume and lower pressure ratio • Rotor operate at lower speed due to the patented profile and less inter-lobe Leakages • Rotor and housing are coated with PTFE based food-grade PP® coating to resist corrosion and endure high temperatures up to 250° C. This results in optimum long term performance with no loss in efficiency. Capacity Control Valve Hydraulic rack and...

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Uptime Assurance Plan 48*-hour parts availability» Parts availability shouldn’t be a limiting factor for your business. So all ELGi distributors stock high volumes of replacement filters and parts. However, if they don’t have a specific part available, we’ll ship it to you within 48* hours. Competitive parts pricing» Genuine ELGi replacement parts and consumables (filters, oil etc.,) are key to protecting your OF series compressor and providing maximum uptime. That's why we offer them at competitive prices. Loaner machines*» If your compressor goes down, we’ll have it repaired within...

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Improved Cost Of Ownership In addition to ensuring UPTIME, ELGi OF series is designed to deliver quick returns on capital invested by reducing the operating cost. TOTAL POWER COST OF RUNNING MACHINE 10 years life cycle cost without VFD* 10 years life cycle cost with VFD* TOTAL POWER COST FOR UTILITIES BY CUSTOMER INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE COST CAPITAL AND COMMISSIONING COST * Cost based on OF 275-7 model with VFD. Values subject to change for different models Reduced Installation Cost Oil-Lubricated Compressed Air Supply System Receiver Dryer Moisture Seperator Fine Filter Carbon Filter...

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A Significant Value Addition Downstream Accessories ELGi provides a wide range of air-cure solutions for specific down stream air requirements Downstream filter Drain valves  Capacity : 19-1200 cfm  Working pressure : 7-60 bar  Filtration range: 1-3 microns  Capacity : 250-10000 ltrs.  Working pressure : 7-60 bar  Code of construction: ASME sec. WITH THE CONSERVE ENERGY SAVING ACCESSORIES AND AIRMATE DOWNSTREAM ACCESSORIES, ELGI IS STRIVING FOR A CLEAN, GREENER AND SUSTAINABLE FUTURE Refrigeration air dryer  Capacity : 10-2000 cfm  Working pressure : 7-60 bar 0  Min. Dew

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ENERGY SAVING ACCESSORIES Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) The ElGi CONSERVE VFD matches the compressor output to air demand by varying motor speed and hence the power consumption of the compressor reduces in line with the reduction in demand. The VFD eliminates frequent loadunload cycle and minimizes power wastage there by saving energy cost. A fixed speed compressor operates on a load unload band of at least 0.5 bar (g) around the working pressure whereas with ElGi VFD, compressor can be operated within a band of 0.1 bar (g). Since the compressor is not operated under higher than working...

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