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Oil free screw compressors

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Think Long Run Oil-Free Screw Air Compressor Excellence in oil-free technology

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il free Advantages Oil-free air is a prerequisite for industries like pharmaceuticals, bottling, chemical industry, power plants and others. The ELGI NH Series featuring oil-free rotor technology from HITACHI is the ultimate solution for such applications.

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State-of-the heart The NH profile rotor has been developed after a thorough analysis of thermal deformation of screw rotors in operation. The leakage of air has been dramatically reduced by maintaining an optimum gap between screw rotors during the discharge and suction cycles. As a result, the ELGI NH series compressor offers 5% greater adiabatic efficiency when compared to a conventional compressor, thus significantly reducing the operating costs. The rotor surface has been coated with a newly developed resin which significantly increases its durability. Precision profile measuring...

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Rotor coating Rotor coating is critical for ensuring efficient operation of oil-free screw air compressors over longer period of time. All rotors are of carbon steel and have very high tolerances as they are meshing at high speeds. During unloading when thrust loads come into play, rotors may touch each other. During extended periods of unloading or shut down, condensation occurs and this may lead to erosion of rotors and change in clearances thereby affecting the efficiency of the compressor. Coating process Spraying Drying Baking Normal Teflon PTFE Coating - Competition New resin coating...

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Special Resin Coat Coating Thickness - 20 Microns Coating Structure - Homogeneous Rotor Profile - Asymmetric PTFE Coating Coating Thickness - 100 Microns Coating Structure - Non-Homogeneous Rotor Profile - Symmetric Contacts during High Temp Gradual loss in efficiency Down to the finer details Long-life bearings_ The use of long-life bearings results in dramatic reduction in maintenance cost. Two-step control The capacity is adjusted with a two-step control. Loading and unloading is controlled based on increases and decreases in air consumption detected by discharge pressure changes. The...

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Without two-step control With two-step control Unload pressure setting is decreased to eliminate the excessive discharge pressure 7.5 Kg/cm2 Unload Discharge Pressure 6.5 Kg/cm 1 Kg/cm2 7.0 Kg/cm2 0.5 Kg/cm2 2 7.5 Kg/cm2 Power Consumption 6.5 Kg/cm2 Load 6.5 Kg/cm2 savings Unload 7.0 Kg/cm2 1 Kg/cm 2 6.5 Kg/cm2 Load Shaft seal Minimal air leakage Long life-floating seals enable the compressor to be operated for an extended time with minimal leakage of air. Visco-type seals and labyrinth seals are also used in the bearing section, providing a double barrier that prevents oil mist from...

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User friendly Diagnostics_ Solid state MIMIC electronic annunciation panel gives fault indication for easy maintenance and diagnosing the following defects: • Motor overload and reverse rotation • High inter-stage air pressure and air temperature • High oil temperature and low oil pressure • High discharge air pressure and air temperature • High blow-off air pressure and low water pressure The air cooler has been designed based on exhaustive studies on structural design and material selection, which take into account the fact that the industrial water can cause scaling. The fluid passage in...

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PLC integration with compressors through SCADA, Ethernet and ELGI excels in engineering customized air solution with piping, downstream accessories, cooling tower, water pumps etc.

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The ELGI OFSAC range Due to continuous engineering improvements, specifications are subject to change. Max pressure of 10 kg/cm2 on select models can

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il free Details Aftercooler

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Flange mounted totally enclosed induction motor Capacity control Device Inlet valye/bleed valve interlocking Check valve Lift-type valve • High-speed, high-load type • Optimum lubrication conditions • High-precision polishing Timing Gear Keyless oil pressure engagement Shaft seal • High-durability floating seal • Double structure made of visco-type • Inner-fin tunes of copper nickel alloy • Outside-tube cooling water structure • High efficiency drain separator Sound proof cover • Fully opening double doors • High performance sound-insulating environmental conditions Sure unloading/loading...

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Our manufacturing process adheres to all major international quality standards and we have a fully equipped metrology lab with the latest measuring equipment to ensure that every compressor measures up to your expectations in terms of quality and performance. Customer Care ELGI is the first engineering company to have a dedicated customer care centre and toll free customer support line in India at 1800-425-3544. • Customer care centre works 12 hours a day and 6 days a week • Pending call escalation system for efficient customer care The Long Run Benefits only with ELGI Over 45 years of...

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