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oil free reciprocating air compressor

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Oil-free reciprocating compressors The two stage o - ue re: prsca:irg corn pressors are L o "S solu: OIS :otne mcr-eas-iing need by industries and research institjuons lor higher purity in compressed air applications. *No oil in compressor is equal to no oil in output ait fiom the compressor" Elgi oil-free compressors are engineered on this- principle. Elgi has adapted adrycrankcase that is totally devoid of oil. The internal moving and friction parts of the compressor have been designed suitably to overcome the absence of lubricating oil. Sealed bearings have been used for crankshaft and...

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Cylinder and cylinder head . deep finned cylinders for efficient heat dissipation . cylinder waifs are specially mated for wear and corrosion resistance . polished bore and smooth linish of the cylinders provide longer wear life of the piston rings PTFE coated pistons and PTFE rings ensure longer wear life and gas light sealing *" Stainless Steel reed valves Single piece crankshaft ID oust and easy TO assemble Flanged aluminium aftercooler from high pressure tylindei for efficient cooling Delivery unloader lor automatic unloading of the compressed Twin sided belt guard meeting OSHA...

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Elgi's comprehensive range of air accessories provides you with the clean, dry air you need to extend the life of your equipment and ensure the quafity of your end product Refrigerant drier line pressure dm" Conn. | Height | Width | Height |ClMran" | UPTiflTl€ comes standard on every ELGi Compressor Ttiis speaks to the engineering and dedicated to dtiigri i ,\ mathines ihal run cooler, cleaner and longer.. trial are eas/ to service... with longer service UPTIME Components Far so many of our customers, seeing LJ isbelieving.Thsy know a quality- jg builtmarfihe when theysee it. That's g 511...

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