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Horizon Series Electric Powered Screw Air Compressors

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Horizon Series Electric

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Elgi, established in 1960, designs and manufactures a wide range of compressors. The Company has gained its reputation for design and manufacture of screw compressors through strategic partnerships and continuous research and development. Over the years it emerged as a multiproduct, multi-market enterprise providing total compressed air in all segments. Elgi’s design capabilities translated into wide range of products ranging from oil-lubricated and oil-free rotary screw compressors, reciprocating compressors and centrifugal compressors. Elgi has its own manufacturing operations in India,...

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Air Compressors Electric Powered Tandem Two-Stage Centrifugal Air Compressors 75 - 160 kW | 16.0 - 30.7 m3/min 300 - 3000kW | 1500 - 25000 cfm Large Single-Stage Oil Free Screw Air Compressors (above 75 kW) 90 - 250 kW | 16.7 - 43.9 m3/min 90 - 315 kW | 500 - 1700 cfm Air Accessories Energy Saving Solution Variable Frequency Drive Automatic Supply Side Controller Capacity : 11-250 kW Standalone ready to use package 2 - 12 compressors integration Multi-compressor control upto 12 compressors Clean Air Solution Refrigeration Air Dryer Air Filter Air Receiver Capacity : 1-90 m3/min Working...

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Tandem Two-Stage Screw Air Compressors 75 - 160 kW | 16 - 30.7 m3/min High efficiency High energy saving High reliability Power Savi 12% s ng Elgi offers tandem screw compressors to help industries reduce their operating and energy costs. It is a two-stage compressor, having energy efficiency as the key feature. The compression is done in two-stages to improve the volumetric efficiency and thereby contributing to decrease in power consumption and increase in saving energy costs. Tandem air compressors consume 8-12% less power and offer a return on investment within 8-15 months when compared...

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Single-Stage Screw Air Compressors 3 90 - 250 kW | 16.7 - 43.9 m /min Energy efficient Microcontroller edge Unique eta-V (η-V) profile rotors for maximum air flow and minimum power consumption AUTO Efficient coupling Airend and motor shafts are coupled through a permanently aligned cushion type claw coupling. Elgi’s efficient coupling ensures efficient power transmission and constant FAD throughout the life Efficient air oil separation with OSBIC Elgi has perfected the “OSBIC” ( Oil Separation by Impact and Centrifugal Action) process which enables efficient separation of air and oil with...

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Energy saving - The CONSERVE way Matches compressor output with demand by varying motor speed. The power consumption reduces in line with the reduction in demand. Helps in eliminating the frequent load-unload cycle and also the wasted power from the energy bill. A fixed speed compressor operates on a load unload band of at least 10 psi around the working pressure whereas with Elgi VFD, compressor can be operated within a band of 2 psi. Since the compressor is not operated under higher than working pressure requirements, there is substantial energy saving. For every 2 psi reduction in...

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Automated Supply Side Controller (ASSC) In multiple compress installation, it is difficult to choose the correct combination of compressors manually. This results in wastage of 20 - 60% of power. To cut such operating costs, ELGI has introduced the Automated Supply Side Controller ELGI’s ASSC , Master controller can manage up to 12 positive displacement compressors – including compressors of different capacities, different types (fixed speed, variable speed and variable capacity), and in any combination or configuration. Through advanced control functionality and universal connectivity the...

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Clean Air Solution Airmate Refrigeration Air Dryer Features: Standard controller/visual performance indicator Mechanical type cycle controller for higher reliability Capillary refrigerant expansion High efficiency tube in tube copper heat exchanger Condensate drains (both timer operated and zero options available) Flow Electrical Max Pressure 3 phase m/min bar g Volts Hz Model cfm ELRD600 ELRD750 ELRD900 ELRD1100 ELRD1254 ELRD1552 ELRD1750 600 750 900 1100 1254 1552 1750 16.99 21.24 25.48 31.15 35.51 43.95 49.55 16 16 16 16 16 12.5 12.5 415 415 415 415 415 415 415 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 Three...

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Technical Data Maximum operating pressure (0019 to 2119) with Autodrain Maximum operating pressure (0018 to 2119) with manual drain 20 bar g (290 psi g) Maximum recommended operating temperature (Grade PF/FF) Max. recommended 0 0 operating temperature 30 C (86 F) (Grade CF) 16 bar g (232 psi g) 660C (1500F) Min. recommended 1.50C (350F) Initial ‘dry’ differential pressure Grade PF - 70m bar (1.0 psi) Grade FF - 100m bar (1.5 psi) Grade CF - 70m bar (1.0 psi) Initial ‘wet’ differential pressure Grade PF - 140m bar (2.0 psi) Grade FF - 200m bar (3.0 psi) Grade CF- N/A Maximum recommended...

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Typical Compressed Air Supply system Drain Taps global REACH Elgi serves the world marketplace. Over two million compressors are powering business in 63 countries worldwide. The company offers a strong sales and service network with a well-knit distribution network of 114 dealers and 165 distributors worldwide. Elgi has its own manufacturing facilities in India, China, Italy and France. It has also set up warehouse facilities in Brazil, Middle East and Australia. Email: enquiry@elgj.com Visit us at www.elgj.com Global Support Centre Ph:(91-422) 2625868,2625869 Fax:2625985 Production centre...

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