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EN series Screw Air Compressors

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EN Series Screw Air Compressors tLui Always Better. Essentials Encapsulated uPTime ASSURANCE

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A Tradition of Reliability ELGi, established in 1960, designs and manufactures a wide range of air compressors. The company has gained its reputation for design and manufacture of screw compressors through strategic partnerships and continuous research and development. Over the years, it has emerged as a multi-product, multi-market enterprise providing total compressed air solutions in all segments. ELGi's design capabilities translated into a wide range of products ranging from oil-lubricated and oil-free rotary screw compressors, reciprocating compressors and centrifugal compressors....

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compact, silent and efficient Essentials ,Encapsula ELGi's EN series screw compressors are designed to encapsulate all functional components and compressor within a common housing. With its small footprint, high reliability and low maintenance requirements, the compressors are ideai for all industrial applications where size, efficiency and cost matter. High reliability Energy-efficient Low cost of ownership Ease of maintenance Compact and silent

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Encapsulated airend1 The EN series compressors are fitted with ELGi's unique airend which encapsulates all major functional systems such as intake system, compression system and. separation system within a common frame • Energy efficient • Minimal pressure drop across the system • Compact • Silent Efficient air-oil separation with (<2ppm) The air-oil separation by impact and deceleration action involves three stages: Stage 1: Impact of air-oil mixture on the tank circumferential area Stage 2: Deceleration action of air-oil mixture to remove the oil particles Stage 3: Air with minor traces...

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High efficiency motor ■ Heavy duty TEFC / SI / IP55 motor suited for ambient temperature up to 45°C ■ Built-in safety systems Design ■Space saving design ■ Powered by ELGi's energy-efficient eta-V rotor profiles ■Zero leakage due to integration of components/connections ■ Fewer parts and connections require only minimum maintenance Operational Longer life of consumables ■ Efficient air filtration system where air enters through pre-filtered enclosure. Cleaner suction air keeps the internal components of the compressor dean and maintains optimum cooling efficiency ■ Low oil-fill Robust...

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Note: 1. Free Air Delivery (FAD) is tested as per ISO 1217 : 2009 Annexure C Edition: 4. Sound leve! measured as per ISO 2151, Second Edition at 1m distance in field conditions,+/-3dB(A) 2. BM - Base Mounted. * Weight and dimension are for the Base Mounted. ** Compressors mounted on horizontal receiver tank and dryer available as option (for models up to EN15) 3. DOL Starter for EN 2 to EN 7 and Star Delta Starter for EN 11 to EN 75 4. Due to continuous engineering improvements, the specifications are subject to change without prior notice. 5. Product images displayed in this brochure are...

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Technical Specification - Refrigerated Air Dryers* Note: ‘ for models upto EN15 Performance data is measured at 7 bar, inlet temperature 45°C, ambient temperature 35°C, pressure dew point +3°C Due to continuous engineering improvements, technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice Moisture separator • Capacity: 100-365 cfm • Working pressure: 16 bar g Typical compressed air supply system Genuine Spares For enhancing performance and productivity

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Oil-Free Series Screw 90 - 450 kW / 572 - 2450 cf m EG Series Rotary Screw 11 - 250 kW / 47 -1612 cfm EN Series Rotary Screw 2.2 - 75 kW / 8.0 - 469 cfm Electric Portable (Trolley) 22 - 75 kW / 131 - 490 cfm Diesel portable (Trolley) 175 - 1100 Cfm / 100 - 300 psi Diesel Portable (Skid) 475 - 1500 Cfm /150 - 400 psi OVERSEAS OFFICES: Bangladesh : ELGI Equipments Limited, 5th Floor; Planners Tower, Level: 5 Suite: 8-13, 13/A Bir Uttam CR Datt Road, Sonargaon, Dhaka-1000. Bangladesh. T: 880-9671453-65, F: 880-2 8616148, E: bangladesh-enquirg@elgi.com Malaysia : ELGI Equipments Limited, No...

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