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EN Series Compressors

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Essentials encapsulated

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Elgl, established in 1960, designs and manufactures a wide range of compressors.The company has gained its reputation for design and manufacture of screw compressors through strategic partnerships and continuous research and development. Over the years it emerged as a multi- product, multi-market enterprise providing total compressed air in all segments. Elgi's design capabilities translated into a wide range of products ranging from oil-lubricated and oil-free rotary screw compressors, reciprocating compressors and centrifugal compressors. Elgi has its own manufacturing operations in...

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compact, silent and efficient Elgi's EN series screw compressors are designed to encapsulate all functional components and compressor within a common housing. With its small footprint, high reliability and low maintenance requirements, the compressors are ideal for all industrial applications where size, efficiency and cost matter. Energy efficient

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Encapsulated airend The EN series compressors are fitted with Elgi's unique airend which encapsulates all major functional systems such as intake system, compression system and separation system within a common frame • Energy efficient • Minimal pressure drop across the system ■Space saving design ■ Powered by Elgi's energy-efficient eta-V rotor profiles ■zero leakage due to integration of components/connections ■ Fewer parts and connections require only minimum Longer life of consumables • Efficient air filtration system where air enters through pre-filtered enclosure. Cleaner suction air...

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Increased reliability ■ Designed for wide range of temperatures upto 45°C The Neuron5 has been custom designed and engineered as an efficient control solution for encapsulated series. The system allows you to monitor and control overall performance with easy-to-use service indications, malfunction alarms and safety shutdowns.The controller is built- in with 'service protect' modules. It also includes a service and operational log feature to provide real-time feedback and increase system productivity Efficient air-oil separation with (<2ppm) The Air-Oil Separation By Impact and Deceleration...

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Motor Power Noise Level

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Technical Specification - Refrigerated Air Dryers* Performance data is measured at 7 bar, inlet temperature 45°C, ambient temperature 35°C, pressure dew point +3"C Due to continuous engineering improvements, technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice Typical Compressed Air Supply system Downstream accessories Elgi's comprehensive range of air accessories provides you with the clean, dry air you need to extend the life of your equipment and ensure the quality of your end product. Downstream filter • Filtration range: 1-0.003 microns • Code of construction: ASME Drain...

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ELGi Brand Support comes standard on every EN Series Compressor This speaks to the engineering and dedicated to designing machines that run cooler, cleaner and longer,,, that are easy to service... with longer service UPTIME Components For so many of our customers, seeing is believing, They know a quality- builtmachine when they see it.That's why every part on a ELGi compressor is a quality part. From our leak-free hoses and piping. UPTIME Assurance Here is where we back our pledge, with industry-leading warranties, parts availability, loaner machines and call centers staffed by experts,...

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