Drilling Profits ( for Construction and Mining) - 8 Pages

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Drilling Profits ( for Construction and Mining)

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Drilling Profits Construction ■ Mining ■ Oil&Gas Exploration

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Elgi, established in 1960, designs and manufactures a wide range of compressors. The Company has gained its reputation for design and manufacture of screw compressors through strategic partnerships and continuous research and development. Over the years it emerged as a multi-product, multimarket enterprise providing total compressed air in all segments. Elgi’s design capabilities translated into wide range of products ranging from oil-lubricated and oil-free rotary screw compressors, reciprocating compressors and centrifugal compressors. Elgi has its own manufacturing operations in China,...

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Portable Air Power Elgi has a legacy of providing reliable compressed air solution for the construction, mining and oil & gas industries for over four decades. Drilling is both technically demanding and commercially challenging in these industries. For drilling small to large blast holes, the compressors should meet the critical requirements of high-speed, reliable performance and economy in drilling operations. Elgi compressor has proved a good choice to meet these demands. With faster drilling, it ensures higher productivity at lower drilling cost -per-foot. The compressors are available...

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Eta-V (η- V) profile airend All Elgi rotary screw airends feature its energy saving eta-V (η- V) rotor profile that are designed to ensure maximum energy efficiency. Every Elgi screw compressor hence quickly pays for itself through significant savings in energy costs. Full galvanized steel and powder coated canopy comes as a standard fit for maximum corrosion protection and durability. Its unique cool-box design allows cool air to enter the rear of the compressor (in closed door operation) and wash over internal components, keeping internal temperature low and prolonging component life. The...

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Centralised control panel All major instrument controls and monitoring systems are grouped together on this panel. Operators can check on the operating status using a combination of easy-to-use instruments and digital readouts on the control panel. The digital panel also displays warning and shutdown messages if it detects abnormal conditions Air delivery matched to demand Variable capacity control The 0-100% stepless variable capacity control reduces fuel consumption and operating costs. End use air consumption controls the opening and closing of the butterfly valve, thereby regulating...

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Construction & Mining Applications a) Jack Hammer, Breaker, Sand Blasting Range : 175-600 cfm at 100 psig Models: DT 175-100, DT 300-100, DT 400-100 b) Rock Drills, Breaker, Drifter (top hammer drilling) Range: 400-600 cfm @ 100 psig Models: DT 600-100 c) 3"- 4" DTH Drilling (with hydraulic track drill) Range : 300-450 cfm @150 psig, 300-650 cfm @ 200 psig, 450 cfm @250 psig d) 6 Vi" DTH Drilling in Open Mines and Water Well Drilling World's first single-stage high pressure compressor at 250 psig Crawler drill Vendor status from the World's leading diversified metals and global supplier of...

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Industrial Skid* Skid Mounted Compressors "Models with in-built battery and fuel tank Trolley Mounted Compressors Note: Due to continuous engineering improvements, the technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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Penjom gold mining in Malaysia Exploratory drilling in South Africa Karcham Wangtoo dam construction in India Mining in Dead Sea in Jordan World’s first single-stage high pressure compressor @ 250 psig for Crawler drill Ahmedabad Ph:(91-79) 26583736, 26581274 Fax:26587683 Bangalore Ph:(91-80) 22240674,22220296 22122479 Fax:22293274 Bhopal Ph:(91-755) 2578281, 2578317, 4273317 Fax:2578289 Chennai Ph:(91-44) 28172599, 28172699, 28173599 Fax:28174699 C o i m b a t o r e P h : ( 9 1 - 4 2 2 ) 2 5 8 9 5 5 5 Fa x : 2 5 7 3 6 9 7 H y d e r a b a d P h : ( 9 1 - 4 0 ) 27000435,27000437, 27000431...

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