Air Care- Health Check Report for Rotary Compressors - 6 Pages

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Air Care- Health Check Report for Rotary Compressors

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ELGI AIR CARE HEALTH CHECK REPORT 1 Report No. Date l Cuatomar Dota Nanie Addreu HmNo Mobile No Fax E-mail Compreuor Data SI No Model Fab No Hn run OU date Running HrVDay Air End SI No Motor Malte Motor SI No Motor KW

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AIR CARE HEALTH CHECK REPORT Compressor Modr l FabNo AIR ENDCHECK dH dBc dBm Condition Kcmarks WROuUei F/RInkt F/R Outlct MOTOR CHECK Load Unload R* marks R<YB( Y(BR) B(RY) R(YB) Y<BR) B(RV) < llfl'll" CobD KW h-Tii[ - i-r.iuiri- DE DagC NDE DegC dBt dBc dBm Condition k\ m..rk. Drive End Non Drive 1 r»d COOLER CHECK Aircooled : Walercookd C>pp«r COOler ■ Uuuim ;liei, COfttbf / Mu mm uni, Split OU l/LTemp OUO/LTemp Temp Miii Air I/L Temp lrO-fiLTemp Temp Dlff Actual Rtcommended Attual Recoin me ndcd CONTROL PANEL CHECK Condition Remarks Condition Rr marks M 11■ < ■ M 11 KtOT Trantfonner-I...

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ELGI AIR CARE HEALTH CHECK REPORT Comprnsor Model FibNo CONTROL & SAFETY SYSTEM CHECK Condition Remarks Condition Re marks BDFS THV/S SV PRV IV I1SFS BDV TSW MPV RRS osv DPSE DCV or» PARAMETERS CHECK Vꨨ l iii Rccommcndcd Remaries Line Pra*ure SnrapPrraure Dbchargt Trmp QPacroaaSE Load 11 me l nk>ad 11rw Total Time %Lototif %l ni-ii.l.n- Renoariu LEAKAGE CHECK Location Effetf Location Effect Oftl Leakagei GENERAL CHECK Condition Remaries fnkt AJrFutcr on Maki Oil Fil 1er BrjOI E l'i'i Sep Clꮩment A m h i .-i i1 1.11 p ROf» VtfltJlftltOQ

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AIR CARE HEALTH CHECK REPORT Compressor Model FabNo SUMMARY OF RE COMM ENDATIONS M No. Composent / Part Observation kcc om m c rida tio m Health Check d< me by Service Enfanter'* Name Signature Station Dit* Customer Acknowledgement WchcixbyackrKnvlcdp: chat ELGI hiscarriedout HcahhChccfc ofELGl ScrcwComprcssors insollcd in our ctoryand subtructed adctailcd report bascd on thcfindmgsakHigwiththc recom mendiʠ ns Name: Cuit omet'* Seal De figm Hon; Signature: Report No- Date: ELGI Equipments Limited Singanallur. Coinibatorc - 641 005. Iiidia. Tel: +91- 422 - 2589555 Fax: +91- 422 - 2573697....

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ELGI Equipments Limited Singanallur. Coimbatorc - 641 005. India. Tel: +91- 422 - 2589555 Fax: +91- 422 - 2573697. E-mail : Visit us at : Toll free customer care nutnber : 1800 - 425 - 3544

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