5-15 HP Two-Stage Oil-Free Piston Compressors - 4 Pages

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5-15 HP Two-Stage Oil-Free Piston Compressors

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Two-Stage Oil-Free Reciprocating Air Compressor

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The two stage oil-free reciprocating compressors are Elgi's solutions to the increasing need by industries and research institutions for higher purity in compressed air applications. "No oil in compressor is equal to no oil in output air from the compressor" Elgi oil-free compressors are engineered on this principle. Elgi has adapted a dry crankcase that is totally devoid of oil. The internal moving and friction parts of the compressor have been designed suitably to overcome the absence of lubricating oil. Sealed bearings have been used for crankshaft and connecting rods. Poly Tetra Fluoro...

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Cylinder and cylinder head . deep finned cylinders for efficient heat dissipation . cylinder walls are specially coated for wear and corrosion resistance . polished bore and smooth finish of the cylinders provide longer wear life of the piston rings The technology edge Design Stainless Steel reed valves for corrosion resistance Twin sided belt guard meeting OSHA standards Rust proof internal coating for air receiver

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Note: • Maximum operating pressure is 10 bar • Free air delivery measured in accordance with IS 5456 • BM - Base Mounted Dessicant Air Dryer • Capacity : 10-45 cfm • Max. working pressure : 16 bar g Drain Valves Timer controlled and zero loss • Capacity : 50-2000 cfm • Max. Working pressure : 16 bar g • Media : Condensate Refrigeration Air Dryer • Capacity: 10-2000 cfm • Working pressure : 7-60 bar • Filtration range: +3°C. PDP • Capacity: 19-1200 cfm • Working pressure : 7-60 bar H    • Filtration range: 1-0.003 microns UPTIME Design This speaks to the engineering and design of our...

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