Rig Compressors for Water-Well drilling - 6 Pages

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Rig Compressors for Water-Well drilling

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The most trusted brand in water-well drilling industry

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Elgi, established in 1960, designs and manufactures a wide range of compressors. The Company has gained its reputation for design and manufacture of screw compressors through strategic partnerships and continuous research and development. Over the years it emerged as a multi-product, multimarket enterprise providing total compressed air in all segments. Elgi’s design capabilities translated into wide range of products ranging from oil-lubricated and oil-free rotary screw compressors, reciprocating compressors and centrifugal compressors. Elgi has its own manufacturing operations in China,...

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Drilling Profit With over two decades of expertise in water-well drilling industry, Elgi develops compressors to meet customer specifications and achieve the goals of deep and fast drilling. It's time-tested technology and high reliability of the compressors are added benefits. The company's huge market presence and the most widespread sales and service network make it an ideal partner for the drilling industry. Elgi offers a range of diesel powered screw compressors for the different combinations of bore diameter and well depth that are encountered in a variety of strata 6" and above bores...

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Designed to withstand years of heavy duty use Energy efficient Two-stage N- profile airend Driven by energy-efficient airends, the compressor offers increased drilling efficiency and improved penetration rates. It is ideally designed to meet the demands of all types of drill rig operations in water-well drilling Reliable prime mover International warranty engines Elgi rig compressors are powered by international warranty engines. They are engineered to provide better fuel-economy and low emissions, maximizing performance and providing cost benefits to the Vertical tank The vertical tank...

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Efficient filtration system The engine and compressor are heavily protected against dust and dirt particles in the intake air by a highly efficient filtration system.The compressor is hence ideal for operations in dusty conditions. Moreover, the oil filters with flange joints ensures clean oil for consistent engine performance. Two-stage air/oil separator Two-stage air/ oil separator effectively separates oil from air. This two-stage system ensures maximum oil recovery to minimize lube oil consumption and maintenance cost Air delivery matched to demand Variable capacity control The 0-100%...

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Ensuring continuous productivity Elgi Genuine Spares Spares back-up Elgi's genuine and economical spare parts keep your operating costs top the minimum. With Elgi genuine spares, the issues of unexpected compressor failures and the risk of consequential damage to other vital compressor components are avoided. Elgi offers a full range of high efficiency separators, filter elements, airends and topblocks for its compressed Coolant & lubricants Elgi has developed special compressor oil with good thermal and oxidation stability to ensure that the compressor continues to run smoothly -Elgi...

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