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Air Compressors Think Long Run

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Winning through PARTN ERSHIPS Estabttshed in 1960, as a service station equipment and reciprocating air compressors manufacturing company, Elgi has emerged as a multi-product multi-market enterprise to meet global challenges. Asia's largest, integrated air compressor manufacturer and India's leading automobile service station solution provider ՕELGI is headquartered in Coimbatore, India ELGI's stocks are listed in premier stock exchanges in India and the company has a strong record of financial stability with regular dividends for itsshareholders ՕMore than 400 product offerings Over two...

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flexible IN FRA Three modem manufacturing facilittes spanning 325000 square feet of area equipped with the latest machines and lool management centers forms the manufacturing core of Elgi ՕLean manufacturing has been incorporated totally to bring down the production cycle, leading to quicker order fulfillment times The manufacturing process has been bound with PLM to allow flexibility and customization ՕElgi's melrology lab ensures that it has (he highesi quality standards and as a resuit has the towest defect rates in the industry innovative TECHNOLOGY Elgi has always sustained...

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Reciprocating Air Compressors Single Stage tange: U - 11 kW / Q2S * 138m'/min kroe 3-1SHP/9-49I cfm Two Stage Range 22 - 11kW/ 025 -1.25 mVmln Range: -15HP/8.8-44.1 cfm High Volume toge rIS - 30 kW/ 2.07 - 362 mVmln Range: 20 - 40HP/ 732-124.87 cfm High Pressure toge:22-15 kW/ 0.10-1.13 m'/mln toge:J-20HP/.5ﮮ-40cfm Rotary Screw Air Compressors Electric Powered Horizon Sries Tank Mounted Range: 55 - n kW / 081 160 m'/min Range : 7.5-15 HP/28.5-56.S cfm Single Stage (upto 75 kW) Range : n - 75 kW /181-14.16 m'/min Range: 15-100 HP/64-525 cfm Single Stage (above 75 kW) Range : 90-160 kW/ H.4 -...

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Comprehensive range of AIR COMPRESSORS Wr Filter Capacity: 19-1200 cfm Worklng pressure : 7 - 60 Kgf/cm Filtration Range ; 1 - 0.003 microns

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SINGLE STAGE 2.2 -11 kW / 0.25 -1.38 mVmln 13-15 HP/9- 49.1 cfm TWO STAG E Il - llkW / 0.25 - 1.25 mVmin 13 -15 HP / 8.8 - 44.1 cfm Robust, Reliableand Long Lasting Elgi reciprocating air compressors are designed for optimum efficiency and minimum maintenance. They are available in stationary/portable models. Custom-built models for spcifie applications are also available on request. Inside Optimal operating speed for longer service life 镕Pressure relief valve provided after each stage of compression for safety Convenient oկl sight glass and oil drain facility Stainless steel valves for...

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RECIPR0CAT1NGAIRCOMPRESSORS Modular design ՕDry type suction filters Deep finned cast iron cylinders, cylinder heads and aluminium cooler tubes ensure beat dissipation for higher operating efficiency ՕAerodynamically designed fan with larger blades for higher air flow Efficient cooling for opթration in tropical conditions Double side belt guard for operator safety ՕAir receivers conforming to ASME standards 67 Single/Two stage reciprocating air compressor range Air Ovrall Recetver Dimension fpm Litres tx8xH mm ! 550 160 1345* 540 «1085 925 220 1595 x 545x1085 690 220 1595 x 635x1115 920 420...

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HIGH VOLUME 15 - 30 kW / 2.07 - 3.62 mVmln 120 - 40 HP / 73.2 -124.87 cfm HIGH PRESSURE 2.2 -15 kW / 0.10 -1.13 mVmln 13 - 20 HP / 3.53 - 40 cfm i Rugged and Durable Specificallydesigned for applications requiring high volume ofairathigher pressure, thse compressors can also deliver high FAD<Free Air Delivery) at lower pressures for your requirements. For base mounted units, vertical air receivers up to 10.000 litres capacity and 65 kgf/cm' pressure are available. Water / Air cooled after cooler, moisture separator , oil bath filters / oil absorption fllters can be supplied on customer...

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ROTARYSCREWAIRCOMPRESSORS Filters Highly efficient air and oil filters for longer life □f compressor 5pin-on type oil filter lments for easy maintenance Aftercooler 驕An intgral part to ensure qualily air Tropicalised design to withstand extr镪me tempratures Compact and easy to clean OU S镩paration Highly efficient two-stage oil sթparation Spin-on type թlment ensures less downtime during replacement Electronic Control Panel In-built safety trips as standard feature 镕Isolated panel wilh swing out door for easy servicing Tank mounted screw air compressor range Model Power Capacity Working...

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SINGLE-STAGE 11 - 75 kW /181 -14.16 m'/min 115-100 HP / 64 - 525 cfm Energy Efficient_ Power saving airend for maximum output and minimum power consumption. Direct Drive Transmission Efficiency Elgi's direct drive ensures efficient power transmission and constant FAD throughout the life of the compressor. Maintenance Friendly & Durable_ User friendly solid state MIMIC annunciation panel for easy fault diagnostics. The E-Series also features "Neuron"- a dedicated microprocessor-based control. Optimal Capacity Control t/arion intake valve installed at the compressor inlet optimally controls...

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TANDEM TWO-STAGE 75 -160 kW /16-31.15 mVmin 1100 - 215 HP / 565-1085 cfir First stage Second stage Intermediate cooling The Two-Stage Advantage ELGI two-stage tandem screw compressors are built to achieve high efficiency. Compression is divided equally between two stages to achieve optimum results. The first stage takes in air, compresses it to intermediate pressure and feeds it to the second stage inlet. The second stage compresses the air further to the final discharge pressure. During this process, most of the heat generated by compression in the first stage is removed by the lubricating...

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DIESEL POWERED Trolley Mounted 175 - 750 cfm /100-200 psig Skid Mounted 900 -1100 cfm / 200-350 psig Low Oil Consumption_ Two- stage air/oil separator effectively spartes oil from air. This oil is recycled back into the System, reducing the operating cost considerably. Air Deiivery Matched to Demand_ The 0 -100% stepless variable capacity control reduces fuel consumption and operating costs. Air consumption controls the openingand closing of the inlet valve, thereby regulating inlet air suction and the engine speed to match the demand. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l Easy Manoeuvrability_ The...

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