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ELEN s.r.o., Slovenska 67, 080 01 Presov, Slovakia, tel./fax: +421-(0)5, GPS time receiver/temperature sensor* Manual version 1.03 1. Specifications GPS (Global Positioning System) is a system of satellites in orbits that transmit extremely accurate, real time and worldwide navigation information that can be used to identify a position on the earth by anyone with a suitable GPS receiver, together with a highly accurate local time. The GPS system was commissioned by the US government initially for military use and now it is available for commercial access at no charge. A GPS time receiver is designed to provide a precise time reference for NDC...m series clocks or a NDC-net bus. If the receiver receives GPS signal, it transmits time synchronized with the GPS time, otherwise it transmits its internal clock time. It is simple to install and it is maintenance free, yet adjustable in wide range. GPS parameters Properties Temperature sensor* Tracking up to 20 satellites L1, 1575,42 MHz; Acquisition: -148dBm; Tracking: -159dBm. Adjustable Leap Second" time correction 0 - 64s; Adjustable time shift compared to UTC ±15 h 0/15/30/45 min; Enable to set automatic daylight saving time On/Off; Slave mode for NDC-net bus communication, master mode for special use; LED indication of satellite acquisition. Temperature measuring range -55°C ^ +125°C; Communication Interface accuracy of ±0.5°C (in the range -10°C +85°C), ±2°C (in the range -55°C - -10°C and 85°C - 125°C). NDC-net protocol (Slave mode). RS-485 w/o galvanic insulation (for NDC-net use). Available galvanic insulation at extra cost; RS-232 (reserved, on request). 9-24 VDC/1.5W. If the receiver w/o galvanic insulation is supplied, power supply from the nearest NDC... m clock can be used (max. 10m). In case on galvanically insulated interface external power supply should be used. 5-pin Lumberg RFM5/0.5M connector. Cable plug RSCW5/7 included in the delivery. IP65 Horizontal or vertical pipe mounting (0 26 - 45 mm), direct horizontal surface mounting. Galvanized pipe mounting bracket. -30°C - +50°C Power supply Connection Environmental protection Mount Operational temperature 2. Installation The receiver should be mounted in horizontal position with the case cover upwards and direct Ąview" to the sky, otherwise it may not be able to pick up satellites. Use included pipe-mounting bracket. pipe-mounting bracket Cover demounted Mounting bolts and blinding plugs It is also possible to mount the GPS receiver to the horizontal surface. Screw off 2 screws on the case cover and remove it. Be carefull and do not break the glass light guide on the cover (see drawings above). Remove the rubber blinding plugs carefully with a narrow screwdriver (and also the bolts, if the receiver is already mounted on the bracket). Mount the receiver to the surface and put the blinding plugs back to achieve the water protection (see the drawing). GPS receiver manual v1.03 en.doc 1 of 3

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ELEN s.r.o., Slovenska 67, 080 01 Presov, Slovakia, tel./fax: +421-(0)51-773 37 00,, www.elen.skDIP switch 2a - Time shift compared to UTC (local time) - hours Time shift allows to set local time or time from other time zone. Range of setting is 0 - ±15 hours (please see sign setting below). DIP switch '2a' time shift DIP switch '2a' time shift 1 2 3 4 [hours] 1 2 3 4 [hours] off off off off 0 on off off off 8 off off off on 1 on off off on 9 off off on off 2 on off on off 10 off off on on 3 on off on on 11 off on off off 4 on on off off 12 off on off on 5 on on off on...

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