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Large-size text LED displays TDU Sries The TDU sries large-size text displays are program驭mable electronicdevices for displaying staticand dynamic textual information.They are manufacturedon the basis of high-brightness LED lments, which ensure their very good displaying properties, high endurance and long lifetime.Th驨se devices provide quickand effective wayof displaying actual information in real time. They are primarily used as output display devices in electronic information Systems when there is a need to provide Visual information over a long distance. Their technical parameters are adjusted to the spcifie application requirements, in which thse displaysareused. The TDU s騩ries displays are produced in broad range of size formats. Modular construction of PotMeno pos: mo 1. Jenssen 031.60 2. Feller 031.40 3.Johansson 03184 4. Ruisl m.2l 5. Kart 2 032.07 6. Smith, John 031.95 7 Kart 1 0.1224 8 Kart 3 03458 thse devices makes it possible to manufacture displays with various number and sizes of information lines. According to required display format, display LED modules with diffrent parameters are used. Individual types of display modules are differentiated by their: 評 Size and display points'construction Typeand parametersof used LEDs Օ Formatof LEDdisplay matrix Desired display parameters can be achieved by suitable slection and placement of display modules (number of rows, length of rows, readability distance, colourof displayed text, display area brightness,etc). Important parameter, which affects the construction ofTDU displays, is the type ofthe environment in which this device will be used. Displays'casing, safety of its electronics and display LED modules parameters are designed according to the environment type (outdoor, indoor, industrial,office, etc.). The TDU display area is covered with PERSPEX optical filter, which increases the contrast and provides an antiglare surface ofthe display area. The TDU display compatibility with various electronic devices is provided by means of broad range of communication interfaces, which th魨se displays can be equipped with. Available are communication modules for local, or long distance display control through many diffrent types of sriai communication lines, communication interfaces and even wireless communication networks. Technical sp驩cifications Number oflines 1to16 Displayed row matrix height 45 mm to 600 mm Row length 224 mm to 7200 mm Readability range lOmto 300 m Communication interface RS232, RS485,Current Loop 20 mA, Ethernet TCP/IP, Profibus DP, LonWorks, WiFi, parallel, phone modem, GSM modem Casing (class of protection) IP 20 to IP 55 The programming features, which are implemented in the TDU displays control module, provide broad utilization of their displaying characteristics. The textual information can be displayed in various fonts and colours (applies to colour display types). The text messages can be displayed as static, moving,flashing, etc. as needed. The control program can automati-cally regulate the display's brightness and optimally adjust its level according to surrounding light condition by means of built light sensor. The control proͭgram can be changed without technical intervention into display using the sriai communication line, or communication interface, onto which display is connected.

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TDU display in the railway station underpass TDU display on the railway station platform Currency exchange rates display in the bankinterior TDU display for truck entrance navigation in the manufacturing plant CircularTDU display at the citycentre TDU display on the ship lockcontrol tower

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