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REMOTE-CONTROLLED NUMERICAL DISPLAYS FOR CHURCHES NDT series numerical LED displays are designed for displaying psalm and hymn numbers during religious services. They can be used in other applications as versatile remote-controlled numerical displays. Features • • • • • • • • • • • • Wireless control of display with hand-held infrared (IR) remote control from up to 20 m; Wireless control of display with radio module (RF) and/or control display NDT 38/3 R up to 50 m; Direct input of a number (3 to 4 digits, according to display format); Possibility to display characters (0 - 9, A, b, C, d, E, F, H, P, U, -, space, decimal point); Simple increase/decrease of a number with cursor keys (up / down arrows); Possibility of alternating hymn and verse numbers; Memory for 30 numbers (allows preparation of numbers for the whole service in advance); Simple displaying of numbers stored in memory with cursor keys (up / down arrows); 2 adjustable brightness levels for day / night mode, switched with a single button (left / right arrow); Adjustable period for alternating hymn and verse numbers (in seconds); Possibility to interconnect up to 32 devices with a 2-wire cable through a serial interface RS485; Unlimited number of displays controlled via radio RF signal (requires installation of RF modules). The NDT series displays and its accessories are designed with consideration of their usage in simple applications with a single display, or in large-scale systems with several displays. The versatility of the solution allows creating a required final system by gradual extension, not just in terms of the number of connected displays, but also in terms of their control. Technical specifications NDT 38/3 Height of characters Number of digits Format Readability range Type of displaying elements Inputs / Outputs Power supply Enclosure protection class Operating temperature discreet LEDs IR remote control receiver possibility to add module for serial communication RS485 possibility to add module for radio communication (RF kit) NDT 57/x, 100/x, 160/x – 230 VAC, flexible power cord, length 2 m NDT 38/3 - external adapter 230 VAC/12 VDC, 0,5 A IP 30 -20 ÷ +40°C

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In the simplest setup, all that is required is a single display and one IR remote control. This setup is suitable for small churches, where the maximum direct distance between display and the operator does not exceed 20 m. In larger churches and cathedrals, where the distance for controlling display is longer, it is possible to take advantage of wireless RF transmission by using a control mini display NDT 38/3 R RF. Mini control display is also controlled with a IR remote control, while ensuring a long data transmission via RF (see possible connection diagrams). This solution simplifies and...

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Configuration and control possibilities of NDT series displays A specific method of controlling NDT series displays depends on the location and distance between the user and display. In case of a shorter distance (up to 20 m) and direct visibility of display from the place of control, a handheld IR remote control is sufficient. If this distance is longer, or if display is not in direct line of sight from the user (e.g. user is behind the display), it is necessary to use a mini-display repeater with RF module to ensure wireless transmission of data from the handheld IR remote control to...

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2-wire cable (RS485), 31 connected displays max Fig. 3/ Wired configuration with IR remote and mini-display. unlimited number of displays cable transmission 2-wire cable (RS485) 31 connected displays max. Fig. 4/ Combined control of displays (RF and wire).

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