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NDC Digital Clock GPS Time Receiver Connection Diagram and Installation Instructions (setup with one NDC clock) Installation instructions: 1. Using 2 screws mount the GPS Receiver bracket outdoors on a wall. Receiver must have a clear view to sky. Run the GPS Receiver cable through the wall, inside, where the clock is to be installed. (You might need to drill a hole through the wall.) 2. Plug the GPS Receiver cable connector into the ”GPS Receiver 5V/RS232 “ input on the back side of the clock. 3. Turn the power on (insert the power plug into power outlet). The clock will be synchronized automatically with GPS time. Temp. sensor Local Temperature Sensor (optional) Notes: 1. GPS Receiver cable length can be 5 m or 10 long, depending on type of GPS Receiver unit you purchased. Order Codes: ZQ0505-0.00 ZQ0506-0.00 GPS Receiver with 5 m cable, includes chipset u-blox 6 with sensitivity -162 dBm GPS Receiver with 10 m cable, includes chipset u-blox 8 with higher sensitivity -167 dBm 2. If longer than 10 m cable is needed from GPS Receiver to clock, a GPS Network Time Server RS485 must be purchased. Its order code is ZZ0791-0.00 or ZZ0791-1.00, please see the price list with description. 3. It is possible to install the GPS Receiver indoors, near the window, but its good signal reception is not guaranteed

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