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Numerical displays for displaying time, date and temprature NDCseries digital docks ,'4:4 NDC sries digital docks are designed for displaying time, date and tem驭prature in a numerical form. In their design, the maximum emphasis was put on the functional reliability and aesthetic appearance. NDC 57/x and 100/x models are suitable especially the use in architecturally demanding bank interiors, public institutions, companies, etc. As a standard, they are delivered in platinum matt grey surface finish. They can be made on order also in other colours according to a customer's request. Superbright 7-segment LED modules are used as displaying l驩ments. The larger NDC 160/x, 212/x types are designed for outdoor use or for industrial conditions.They have double-casing protection with an internai steel frameand an external aluminum one.Thse types of the NDC sries use ultrabright LEDs with elliptic radiation angle in the horizontal axis, whichensures their goodvisibilityeven in sunlight at a sufficient angle. The level of brightness of NDC s詩ries docks is controlled manually or automatically according to jtf the intensity ofthe surrounding light. A local or remote thermal sensor and GPS receiver (or other time-synchronizing device) can be connected to ail types of NDC docks, which allows to achieve a long-term time prcision of 1s per 300,000 years without the necessity to adjust time.The user can choose automatic switching from the summer to winter time and back (Daylight Saving Time) and utilizestopwatch and count-up/down featuresfor exact time measurements. A switching contact of a built-in relay is available, activated upon the end of counting down/up or activated according to programmed time intervais, which allows to use the dock for timesignalling at schools. The docks are ready for building into unified time displaying Systems - their synchronisation in a network is secured by their connection to the NDC-net (simple 2-wire connection through a standard RS485 sriai interface) and by the user configuration. The docks can be pre-programmed for displaying time, date, temp驩rature, as a stopwatch, for counting-up/down and for alternate displaying the above readings and thus to be adjusted for displaying according to individual needs. Moreover, a time shift can be set, which allows to use the docks in various time zones even with the synchronisation through the GPS. Wireless IR remote control (identical with a TV control) allows to set the time, the date and the programming ofthe dock. If external time synchronisation is used (e.g. GPS receiver), the time and date are adjusted automatically. The docks are designed for the installation on a wall, NDC 160/x and 212/x types are supplied with a tilting wall bracket as a standard. Parameters of NDC digital docks in dtails Time - Hours:Minutes or Hours:Minutes:Seconds reading, time zone setting, time correction of ±23 hours 59 minutes, automatic Daylight Saving Time option. 镕 Date - Day.Month or Day.Month.Year reading (depending on type). Tempթrature - -99° -h -10°, -9.9° -h 99.9° or -99°C -h -10°C, -9.9°C -h 99.9°C reading range, if local or remote thermal sensor is connected. Stopwatch mode - Start/Stop/Freeze/Reset, resolution in hundredths of seconds, automatic decreasing of resolution, when seconds are filled up, of the stopwatch by IR remote control, by local or by remote close contact. Օ Counter-count-upor count-down -userdefined counting limit in the range 1s to99days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds, automatic adjustment ofthe reading format, Start/Stop/Resume/Reset, contact of built-in or remote relay is closed, when the counter reaches the limit, control ofthe counter by IR remote control, by a local or remote close contact. Switch clockmode- user defined 16 switching times ofthe built-in or remote relay, adjustable relay switch-on state period in the range 0.01 - 99s, setting of switch-on days (weekly calendar Sunday - Saturday). Օ The dock allows alternate display ofthe above data, while the user can program the duration of their displaying intherange 0 - 60s. The docks are readyfor building into the System fordisplaying unified time bytheir connection to the NDC-net bus (2-wire RS485 connection). Օ Optional external time synchronisation by means of a synchronisation module connected to the NDC-net bus, e.g. GPS receiver (with the galvanic insulation for an extra fee). Optional connection of local or remote thermal sensor. Օ Time prcision - ±5 sec/mounth (autonomous time, in +20°C -h +30°C temprature range), or the pr驩cision is given by the prcision of the synchronisation, ifan external synchronisation module is connected (e.g. GPS). Inputs/Outputs- RS485 interface for the connection to the NDC-net bus (with the galvanic insulation for an extra fee), an input for the connection of a local button (close contact, max. 5 m cable length)for controlling the stopwatch/counter (with the galvanic insulation for an extra fee), an input for the connection of a local thermal sensor (max. 5 m), built-in output relay 2A/250VAC, which can be closed for 0.1s - 99s in the counter mode or in the switch dock mode. 镕 Automatic (depending on ambient light conditions) or manual brightness setting in 15 levels. Clock programming and setting wirelessly by means of IR remote control up to 15 m. Standard accessories Օ Cabel plug for power supply (only models NDC 160/x and 212/x). Tilted wall bracket (only models NDC 160/xand 212/x). Optional accessories Օ IR remote control for manual setting (range upto15 m). GPS receiver for time synchronisation (with galvanic insulation at extra cost). Օ GPS receiver/thermal sensor (with galvanic insulation at extra cost). 1D no Local thermal sensor. Date and tempթrature reading Developmentand manufacture oflarge-size displays

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