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CDN 100/3 SAFETY  BOARD R L20 230AC IR - 1

ELEN, s.r.o., Lubochnianska 16, 080 06 Lubotice, Slovak republic Product name Large-size display – numerical Type / Model Order code Date of last revision: Work safety is the priority of every company and work accidents resulting in injuries can damage the reputation. Displaying number of days without accident (or injury) on a big LED board in public areas can motivate people to follow the work safety procedures and standards. Graphical design of the LED safety board can be adjusted as per customer‘s requirements. Controlling of display is very simple. Initial value can be set with an IR remote control. This value is then incremented every 24 hours automatically. Displayed number is stored in internal memory, so in case of power outage the correct number of days without injury is displayed when power is restored. Display’s enclosure consists of an aesthetic anodized aluminum frame, brown tinted front cover PMMA glass and steel back panel coated with black powder paint. Displaying elements are made of super-bright 7-segment modules with 100 mm (4 inches) digit height and large 120° viewing angle. Hanging brackets for wall installation are included with display delivery. Technical specifications Number of viewing sides 3 by standard, 4 digits are also possible (see drawing on next page) Readability range Displaying format 888, or 8888 (allows range of values from 0 up to 999 or 9999 days) super-bright 7-segment LED modules, AlInGaP LED type chips, suitable for indoor ambient light conditions Brightness control level set via remote control, or automatic based on ambient light conditions Frame type aesthetic anodized aluminum frame, platinum matt color, steel back panel with black powder paint coating Front cover tinted brown plexi-glass, 3 mm thick, not antireflective, (antireflective as option) Power supply 230 VAC, flexible power cord 2 m (6.5 ft), other options available, e.g. 110 VAC Working temperature 460 mm x 400 mm x 39 (61) mm, see dimensional drawing on page 2 hanging brackets for wall mounting included with delivery

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CDN 100/3 SAFETY  BOARD R L20 230AC IR - 2

Days without accident Days without accident

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