Air temperature and humidity monitor - CDN 100 TH R/Y L20 230AC RS485


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Air temperature and humidity monitor - CDN 100 TH R/Y L20 230AC RS485 - 1

ELEN, s.r.o., Ľubochnianska 16, 080 06 Ľubotice, Slovakia DATASHEET Product name Large-size display – numerical Type / Model Datasheet number: CDN 100 TH R/Y L20 230AC RS485 Order code ZZ0578-3.00 11042001 20.4.2011 Date of last revision: Displays CDN 100 TH R/Y L20 230AC RS485 are electronic devices which display the measured values of air temperature and humidity on a large format. They are suitable for indoor environment (public institutions, banks, bus and railway stations, airports, schools, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.). The enclosure is made of aesthetic anodized aluminum frame of platinum matt color, dim front cover glass and steel metal back plate. Displaying elements consist of super-bright 7-segment LED modules, 100 mm heigh, with a large viewing angle. Displays are equipped with RS485 interface for connecting to a serial line network. Data logging software and 230 VAC power cable are included with display delivery. *External temperature and humidity sensor connects to display via serial line RS485. Ordering code for the sensor is: ZZ0582-1.00. Display Specifications Number of digits temperature - 3, humidity - 2 Height of digits 100 mm Readability range LED type 40 m high brightness 7-segment LED modules LED color temperature - red, humidity - yellow Viewing angle Fixed labels 120° °C and % RH Frame color / type platinum matt / aesthetic anodized aluminum Front cover brown color dim glass Class of protection 1x RS485 - external temperature and humidity sensor 1x RS485 - can connect to PC with logging software IP 20 (indoor use only) Power supply 230 VAC (2 m cable with plug) Power consumption 7.0 W (without sensor) Dimensions Weight 420 mm x 330 mm x 38 mm 3.7 kg Accessories included mounting brackets, power cord, data logging software Connections

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Air temperature and humidity monitor - CDN 100 TH R/Y L20 230AC RS485 - 2

Datasheet number: DATASHEET 11042001 Page: 2 of 2 Dimensional Drawing °C %RH EXTERNAL SENSOR (RS485) RS485/PC 230 VAC Back side view Notes: 1. Mounting brackets can be turned by 180° for easier installation. 2. Fixed labels may be adjusted, or changed according to customer requirements. ELEN, s.r.o., Lubochnianska 16, 080 06 Lubotice, Slovakia tel.: +421 / 51 77 33 700, +421 / 905 637 717, +421 / 911 637 716 fax: +421 / 51 75 99 142, e-mail:, %

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