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Technical Information Brochure - 29 Pages

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Technical Information Brochure

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Technical Information

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Technical Information Standards & EU legislations    4 Standard coating and finish    46 Special applications - ATEX    50

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Technical information Technical information The main standard for empty enclosure manufacturers to comply with is IEC 62208, wich specifies the general definitions, classifications, characteristics and test requirements of empty enclosures, which Eldon is offering to the market, prior to the incorporation of switchgear and control gear components by the user.The enclosures should be used in assemblies in which the rated voltage does not exceed 1000 V AC or 1500 V DC, and which are suitable for general use for either indoor or outdoor applications. Electrical equipment of machines....

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Technical information Standards Technical information CE MARK CE marking indicates the conformity of the product with the Union legislation applying to the product and providing for CE marking. The CE mark is affixed on products that will be placed on the EEA and Turkish market, whether they are manufactured in EED, in Turkey or in another country. CE mark is a key indicator (but not proof) of a product’s compliance with EU legislation and enables the free movement of products within the European market. CE marking does not indicate that a product was made in the European Union. The CE mark...

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Technical information Technical information CERTIFICATIONS AND APPROVALS The certification and approval of products safeguards customers by ensuring that the relevant performance and quality tests are carried out and that, as a result, industry specifications and regulations are met. Most Eldon products have international certifications and approvals making Eldon a leading company in its field. Every enclosure which leaves the factory is labelled on the inside with a type label. This label carries all relevant information, including the product name, protection rate, production date and the...

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Technical information Certifications and approvals Technical information DNV-GL MARITIME DNV GL - DET NORSKE VERITAS AND GERMANISCHER LLOYD DNV GL (Det Norske Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd) is an international certification society and recognized advisor for the maritime, oil and gas, energy, business assurance and software industry which focuses on testing, certification, technical assurance and risk management. DNV GL type test in accordance with IEC 62208: Enclosure protection (IP), impact and static load test. DNV GL also test the enclosures against vibration (Pt.4, Ch.8). MATERIAL...

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Technical information Technical information DEGREES OF PROTECTION To help the design engineer identify the degree of protection provided by an enclosure, IEC 60529 (IP) and IEC62262 (IK) were introduced. These standards classify the extent to which an enclosure will resist the ingress of solid bodies, water under designated tests and against external mechanical impacts. An enclosure which protects equipment against foreign objects will also protect a person from potential hazards within that enclosure, and this degree of protection is also defined in these standard. 1st numeral: Degree of...

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Technical information Technical information TYPE STANDARD Type 250 The National Electrical Manufacturers Association is a US manufacturers’ organization which actively promotes standardized product specifications for electrical apparatus. While TYPE does not actually test products, it establishes the performance criteria for enclosures intended for specific environments. TYPE standards describe each type of enclosure in general and functional terms, and specifically omit reference to construction details. TYPE performance criteria and test methods are used by Underwriters Laboratories (UL)...

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Technical information Technical information To make it easy to select the correct enclosure it is important to have common accepted ratings for the different solutions which take into consideration the environments in which the enclosures will be installed. It will also be important for the end-user or engineering firm to specify the degree of protection needed from the enclosure. Selecting an enclosure goes beyond the IP rating; additional considerations must be taken regarding the environmental conditions in which the enclosure will be installed. Following these guidelines will help...

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Technical information Environment Technical information OUTDOOR INSTALLATION The normal service conditions for outdoor installations are: Ambient air temperature This does not exceed +40ºC and its average over a period of 24h does not exceed +35ºC. The lower limit of the ambient air temperature is –25ºC. Atmospheric conditions The relative humidity may temporarily be as high as 100% at a maximum temperature of 25ºC.In outside installations the enclosure won’t have any protection, and it is therefore important to consider the following issues carefully when choosing an enclosure. The...

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Technical information Environment Technical information VIBRATION Vibration is defined as a relatively small amplitude oscillation around a rest position. It can be transverse (at right angles to the rest line), longitudinal (orientated along the rest line) or torsional (twisting around the rest line). Transverse vibration is the most commonly encountered type, torsional is frequently present but its effects are subversive, longitudinal vibration is comparatively rare but can cause truly catastrophic problems. Electrical enclosures can be exposed to vibrations in maritime environments,...

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Technical information Technical information The mechanism of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) The definition of EMC The council of the European Union defines EMC in Article 4 of their “council directive on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to Electromagnetic Compatibility (89/ 336/EEC)” as property of an “apparatus”: “The apparatus shall be so constructed that: the electromagnetic disturbance it generates does not exceed a level allowing radio and telecommunications equipment and other apparatus to operate as intended” (emission requirement) - “The apparatus has...

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