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Product Catalogue

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Product Catalogue Presenting our wide range of industrial enclosures and accessories.

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Floor Standing Enclosures Wall Mounted Enclosures Terminal Boxes Human Machine Interface Thermal Management Cable Management General Accessories Visit our website at

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Product overview Floor Standing Enclosures Scan the QR code to see the range’s movie presentation Terminal Boxes Scan the QR code to see the range’s movie presentation Product Catalogue Wall Mounted Enclosures Scan the QR code to see the range’s movie presentation Human Machine Interface Scan the QR code to see the range’s movie present

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Thermal Management Cable Management Scan the QR code to see the range’s movie presentation General Accessories Scan the QR code to see the range’s movie presentation Visit our website at

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Floor Standing Enclosures Mild Steel, Indoor Combinable    MCS / MCD Stainless Steel, In/Outdoor Combinable    MCSS / MCDS Compact    EKSS / EKDS Accessories Aluminium, Outdoor Double wall    Compact    EKOM Single wall    Compact    EKOM-SW Double wall    Combinable    ECOM Accessories Galvanised Steel, EMC Galvanised Steel    Combinable    MCSE Wall Mounted Enclosures Mild Steel Single door    MAS Double door    MAD Panel    MAP Stainless Steel Single door    ASR Double door    ADR Single door, Integrated rainhood    AFS Accessories Polyester Compact    Plain / Transparent door    UCP /...

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Human Machine Interface Mild Steel    Mild steel PC enclosure    MCM Mild steel console    MPG MPC Stainless Steel    Stainless steel console    MPGS MPCS Accessories Swing Arm System    Control panel    OICE Accessories Control panel    OICP Accessories Light/Medium Swing Arm System    Light swing arm system    SASL Accessories Medium swing arm system    SASM Thermal Management Cooling Units    Vertical cooling unit Roof cooling unit Outdoor cooling unit Vortex    Vortex cooler High temperature vortex cooler Accessories Air-Water Heat Exchangers    Vertical Roof Ventilation    Vertical...

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Life will be easier with Eldon as your partner By choosing to partner with Eldon, you are making the right price, quality and service choice. Eldon’s knowledgeable, motivated and attentive staff at our strategically located sales offices will always go the extra mile to provide unmatched expertise and support. Every Eldon sales office delivers the high levels of attention and personal service that result in long-term partnerships with our customers. Eldon also offers more specific services, such as stock keeping, certification assistance and useful engineering tools. Stock keeping Putting...

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Standard and customized enclosures and accessories for virtually any application Eldon’s comprehensive standard product range includes mild steel and stainless steel wall mounted and floor standing enclosures as well as console systems, polyester enclosures, outdoor enclosures and terminal boxes. We also deliver customer-specific enclosure solutions from early stage specifications, created together with you, through prototypes to batch delivery. Eldon enclosures are optimized for power distribution and automation & control, for customers in many industries. User friendliness, both for panel...

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Floor Standing Enclosures Visit our website at

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14    | General Product Catalogue

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Floor Standing Enclosures Floor Standing | Mild Steel Range The enclosures in the floor standing mild steel range, with single or double door versions, are epoxy polyester coated in light grey, RAL 7035. Corrosion resistance is guaranteed by salt spray tests conducted internally according to the standard ASTM B117:11. The enclosures are typically used for indoor applications, such as machine control panels, automation and control of manufacturing lines, or for power and distribution panels. The welded frame makes the enclosure strong and rigid and thus well suited for heavy duty...

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Floor Standing Enclosures Steel Range Mild Steel, Combinable Typical Application | Mild Steel, Combinable Machine Process Automation Electricity Transmission & Distribution Electricity Smart Grids Building HVAC The combinable enclosure version comprises a rigid ‘open’ frame, a set of panels, and a front door. The frame is made of four vertical profiles and eight horizontal profiles welded together. The profiles have an integrated 25 mm hole pattern along their whole length. The rear, bottom, top and side panels, as well as the doors, can be easily removed. This allows for combining...

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Floor Standing Enclosures Robust profiles The patented Eldon profiles, with their integrated 25 mm hole pattern, are continuously laser welded and folded eight times, with two double bends. Frame profiles are joined together by rigid, fully welded corner pieces. User friendly Doors as well as the rear, bottom, top and side panels can be easily removed. This allows easy access for cabling and/or mounting of interior components, plus simplifi ed drilling and hole-making. Superior finish In the mild steel line, the finish of the welds and paint cover is extra high quality. This eliminates the...

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