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Power Distribution Catalogue - 128 Pages

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Power Distribution Catalogue

Catalog excerpts

Power Distribution Catalogue Presenting Eldon’s wide range of Power Distribution enclosure solutions.

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Eldon can meet your Power Distribution enclosure requirements The Eldon Power System is specifically developed for power distribution panels for indoor applications, and is based on wall mounted and floor standing enclosures which makes the system compatible with all existing accessories. The welded frame makes the enclosure strong and rigid and thus well suited for heavy duty applications. A wide range of accessories are available to allow for any configuration. And, since all enclosures versions are designed around the same platform, the same accessories may be used on all versions, which...

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8    | Power Distribution Catalogue

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Wall Mounted Enclosures Wall Mounted Enclosures The design of wall mounted enclosures within the Eldon Power System range, referred to as EPS, is based on the existing mild steel wall mounted enclosure MAS, which means that all the EPS specific accessories are compatible with the general wall mounted enclosure accessories. This makes it possible to design a wide variety of Power Distribution wall mounted solutions. These mild steel enclosures are pre-treated with iron phosphate, demineralized and protected with epoxy-polyester powder paint RAL 7035 with structured finish, and are available...

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Wall Mounted Enclosures Overview Typical Application Modular system Wall mounted enclosures are ideal for small power distribution panels when internal segregation is not required. The wall mounted range allows for a variety of solutions depending on which components to install. Modular system Eldon´s modular system allows for dividing sections into sub-sections, where different components may be installed. Switches or measuring components can be installed on a mounting plate adjustable in depth. Modular components or terminal blocks can be mounted on DIN rails. The sub-sections are covered...

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Wall Mounted Enclosures Compatible system Eldon´s Power System, EPS, wall mounted enclosures and general wall mounted enclosures are based on the same platform design, which means that all the EPS specific accessories are compatible with the general wall mounted accessories. Wide range of sizes Eldon has a wide availability of standard enclosure sizes. This allows for short delivery times and the ability to meet a wide range of customer requirements. Flexible system Eldon Power System accessories are compatible with Eldon’s stainless steel range. This reduces the need to keep stock and...

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Wall Mounted Enclosures Single door enclosure | MAS IP 55, 66 | TYPE 4, 12, 13 | IK 10 Power Distribution Catalogue

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Wall Mounted Enclosures Material: Body: 1.4 mm for enclosures with a depth of 210 or 260 mm / 1.5 mm for enclosures with a depth of 300 or 400 mm, or if a height or width is 1000 mm or greater. Door: 1.5 mm / 2 mm for enclosures with a height or width of 800 mm or greater. Body: Folded and seam welded. Four 8.5 mm diameter holes for wall fixing, pressed out in 20.4 mm diameter x 2 mm depressions to allow air circulation around the rear part of the enclosure. Door: Surface mounted with 130° opening. Concealed removable hinges with captive pin. Hinges can be mounted to allow left or right...

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Enclosure dimensions H    W    D * 3 point espagnolette locking. 14 | Power Distribution Catalogue

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Wall Mounted Enclosures Front view Front view Sectional side view D Inside door view Inside door view Visit our website at

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Steel mounting plates Depth adjustment kits Wall mounting brackets Front /rear plinths (100 mm height) Side plinths (100 mm height) Front /rear plinths (200 mm height) Side plinths (200 mm height) Transparent doors Glazed doors

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180° Hinges Door stop Door switch Door mounting profiles Door horizontal profiles Ventilated gland plates Ventilated gland plates with fly-net Ventilated gland plates with filter Adapter gland plates Gland plates with knock-outs Rain hoods

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Wall Mounted Enclosures Visit our website at

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Description:    Steel mounting plate for wall mounted enclosures. All sizes from 800 mm and above are strengthened by folded edges. By using the AMG accessory, the mounting plate position can be adjusted to any depth. This accessory is not suitable for the AFS range of enclosures, please refer to the replacement and spare parts catalogue. Material:    Galvanized steel. Depth adjustment kits, AMG Description: Material: Depth adjustment: Pack quantity: To provide depth adjustment for different accessories: mounting plate, 19" profiles and inner door. In stainless steel enclosures machining is...

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Description: Material: Finish: Pack quantity: Used for easy mounting of DIN-rail components with a maximum height of 68 mm. Distance between rows 125 mm. If required, the standard enclosure door can be replaced with a glazed door. Usable depth between front cover and external door: 35 mm. Adjustable depth position with AMG accessory. In stainless steel enclosure machining is required. DIN-rails PP0735 made of 1.2 mm galvanized steel, vertical profiles 1.5 mm mild steel, and front cover 1.5 mm mild steel. RAL 7035 structured powder coating. Slotted front panel, two vertical profiles, top and...

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Description: Material: Finish: Pack quantity: Wall Mounted EnclosuresAccessories | GeneralFront/rear plinths, P Four corner pieces with removable front covers. The side panels PA must be ordered separately. Available heights: 100 and 200 mm. Machining is required. 2.5 mm mild steel for corner pieces and 1.5 mm mild steel for covers. RAL 7022 structure powder coating. 4 corner pieces and 2 front covers, with mounting accessories. Description: Material: Finish: Pack quantity: Side covers for plinth P, strengthened by folded edges. 1.5 mm mild steel. RAL 7022 structure powder coating. 2 pieces...

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