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Floor Standing Enclosures Quick fixation baying brackets Floor Standing Enclosures CUSTOMER BENEFITS Fast installation of bayed enclosure solutions Tool-free installation Good news for panel builders! You can now implement your Eldon bayed enclosure solutions much faster than ever before, without using tools. Eldon’s latest quick fixation baying solutions deliver panel builders with a fast installation turn-around, increasing their competitive edge, thanks to simplified installation solutions. Eldon’s innovative baying brackets for floor standing enclosures do not require any installation...

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Innovations Brochure - 4

Floor Standing Enclosures Mounting plate brackets Floor Standing Enclosures CUSTOMER BENEFITS Tool free installation Reduced assembly time One-man installation The MPA mounting plate brackets are delivered with pre-installed quick fixation click-in, and a retaining bracket that holds the mounting plate in place, before it is fully fitted to the enclosure. This allows one man installation of the mounting plate, significantly reducing assembly costs for panel builders. The mounting plate brackets are available in the mild steel and stainless steel floor standing enclosure ranges, as standard....

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Innovations Brochure - 5

Floor Standing Enclosures Profile system Floor Standing Enclosures CUSTOMER BENEFITS Tool-free installation Reduced assembly time Pre-assembled brackets in the profile Tested load capacity Cut your assembly time by up to 80%! The CLPF profile system is supplied with the fixation bracket pre-assembled in the profile, thus significantly reducing the assembly time. The CLPF profile system is a 40 mm wide and 25 mm high profile, which can be mounted in all directions on the enclosure’s frame. When the profile is in position, it is fixed with a click-in, therefore no tools are required for the...

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Innovations Brochure - 6

Floor Standing Enclosures Side panel improvement Floor Standing Enclosures CUSTOMER BENEFITS Reduced assembly time Stronger side panel design Enhanced quality One-man installation Reflecting Eldon’s near 95-years of expertise in making state-of-the-art enclosures, the redesigned SPM, mild steel and SPMS, stainless steel side panels are geared to be utilized with combinable enclosures for creating bayed or individual configurations. Typical applications encompass automation & control and power distribution systems, where it is necessary to install multiple enclosures in-line. The increased...

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Innovations Brochure - 7

Floor Standing Enclosures CUSTOMER BENEFITS ■ Faster installation of the side panels ■ The load capacity has been properly tested LAUNCH DATE Eldon’s side panels for the floor standing range, including SPM / SPMS / SPMA maintain ingress protection to ensure that electrical components operate without any disturbances and protect personnel from injuries. Proper sealing is provided through an extruded, one-piece polyurethane gasket. The panel is mounted with 8 screws. A new patented retainer has been introduced to make mounting these panels even easier. The new retainers replace the cage nuts...

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Innovations Brochure - 8

Floor Standing Enclosures Mounting filler plate Floor Standing Enclosures CUSTOMER BENEFITS Tool-free installation Reduced assembly time One-man installation Eldon’s new mounting filler plate reduces assembly time thanks to a quick click-in fixing solution, and a new design, based on a supporting guide bar. The MPF filler plate is a flat mounting surface, which allows to get a continuous mounting surface for bayed combinable floor standing enclosures. The new top bracket is fixed with a click-in fixing solution to the top middle frame, and a supporting bar is mounted between mounting...

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Innovations Brochure - 9

Floor Standing Enclosures A new hinge pin for simpler mounting Floor Standing Enclosures CUSTOMER BENEFITS The pins remain within the body hinge Virtually no risk of losing the pin Door mounting, and detachment can be done faster and easier A minor, but still important improvement is the new hinge pin for the floor standing enclosure range. It makes door mounting and detaching easier, and reduces the risk of losing the pin. With the previous design, the pin could easily fall out of the hinge during detachment of the door. The new version is split into two shorter pins, with a machined slot...

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Innovations Brochure - 10

Floor Standing Enclosures CUSTOMER BENEFITS ■ High ingress protection ■ Flexible solution that allows baying configurations to achieve IP 66 ■ Full accessory compatibility ■ Fast and tool free baying installation Eldon has now added a new IP 66 rated floor standing combinable range in mild steel and stainless steel to its extensive floor standing product programme. The new version offers a higher protection level for equipment and components, which will help extend their lifetime and reduce maintenance costs when the enclosure is installed for rough environments with severe conditions. The...

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Innovations Brochure - 11

Floor Standing Enclosures 180° hinges for floor standing enclosures Floor Standing Enclosures CUSTOMER BENEFITS Die cast manufactured, which improves the aesthetics Fast and easy assembly No machining is required Eldon now offers new 180° hinges for its floor standing enclosures. 180º hinges are often required in many different applications, since it helps to be able to open the door more than the standard 130°. This is especially beneficial in combination with 19” swing frames when maintenance or other work inside the enclosure is required in the field because it makes the job much easier....

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Innovations Brochure - 12

Floor Standing Enclosures Outdoor combinable floor standing enclosure Floor Standing Enclosures CUSTOMER BENEFITS Flexible design: allows outdoor enclosure assemblies to be built in different dimensions, according to needs Anti-vandalism: panel joints are gap-less, and all fitting elements and screws are hidden and not accessible from the outside Corrosion resistance: the stainless steel frame and the aluminium walls provide higher corrosion resistance properties than mild or galvanized steel alternatives Eldon’s outdoor enclosures range has been expanded with a new outdoor combinable floor...

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