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IEC 61439 Standard - 30 Pages

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IEC 61439 Standard

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3.1.    Eldon as empty enclosures supplier    7 3.2.    Eldon as “Original Manufacturer” and assembly system supplier    8 4.    Eldon SUPPORT IN THE DESIGN VERIFICATION STAGE    9 4.4.    Protection against electric shock and integrity of protective circuits    11 4.5.    Incorporation of switching devices and components    11 4.6.    Internal electrical circuits and connections    12 5.    FAQs (FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS)    16

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The new standard IEC 61439 “Low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies” came into force in November 2014. This standard withdraws the previous standard IEC 60439. IEC 61439 describes the definitions and states the service conditions, construction requirements, technical characteristics, and verification requirements for low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies. This standard applies to low-voltage assemblies intended for use in connection with the generation, transmission, distribution and conversion of electric energy, and for the control of electric energy. Need to...

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2.1. Standard structure 2.2. Main content 2.2.1. Terms and definitions. Important definitions to understand the standard are: • Low-voltage switchgear and control gear assembly: is a combination of one or more switching devices together with associated control, measuring, signalling, protective, regulating equipment, with all the internal electrical and mechanical interconnections and structural parts. We can say that the assemblies are made with: enclosure, operational components, electrical connections, and thermal management components. • Assembly system: is a full range of mechanical...

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2.2.3. Service conditions. Normal service conditions, assemblies conforming to this standard are intended for use under the defined normal service conditions. • Ambient air temperature, -5°C to 35°C for indoor, and -25°C to 35°C for outdoor. • Humidity conditions, less than 50% at 40°C for indoor and 100% at 25°C for outdoor. • Pollution degree, for industrial applications usually pollution degree 3 • Altitude, less than 2000 m 2.2.4. Constructional and performance requirements: • Strength of materials and parts • Degree of protection • Clearances and creepage distances • Protection against...

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2.2.5. Design verification. Design verification is intended to check the assembly’s design compliance with the requirements. There are three verification methods: test, comparison with a tested reference design, and verification assessment. • Construction features verification • Performance verification 2.2.6. Routine verification. Routine verification is intended to detect faults in materials and workmanship and determine proper functioning of the manufactured assembly. This verification is made on every assembly. • Construction features verification • Performance verification

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3.1. Eldon as empty enclosures supplier Eldon enclosures must comply with the relevant requirements included in the standard IEC 61439 for enclosures. The relevant requirements for enclosures are included in section 8.1 of the standard “Strength of materials and parts”, and in section 8.2 “Degree of protection provided by an assembly enclosure”. The design verification for these requirements is explained in sections 10.2 and 10.3, and Eldon supports this verification process in the following way: 3.1.1. Strength of material parts: the standard states the following “where an empty enclosure...

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3.2. Eldon as “Original Manufacturer” and assembly system supplier Eldon, with the EPS assembly system, has manufactured assemblies with different components brands (switches), and these assemblies have been tested by the independent Swedish laboratory Intertek-Semko. Test results have been recorded in the STR (Statement of Test Results) SE1405658 by Intertek-Semko. Eldon becomes an “original manufacturer”, and in conclusion all assemblies manufactured using the Eldon assembly system and follow the design and manufacturing rules included in the EPS manual; do not need to be tested again....

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4. ELDON SUPPORT IN THE DESIGN VERIFICATION STAGE Eldon has carried out different tests and developed specific tools to facilitate design verification of the assemblies according to the standard IEC 61439. The “design verification” comprises of the following verifications: 4.1. Strength of materials and parts Assemblies shall be manufactured of materials capable of withstanding the mechanical, electrical, thermal, and environmental stresses. The verification includes different tests: • Resistance to corrosion • Properties of insulating materials • Resistance to ultra-violet (UV) radiation •...

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The degree of protection provided by the assembly against contact with live parts, ingress of solid foreign bodies and water is indicated by the IP. The protection against mechanical impact, if necessary, shall be defined by the IK. The accepted verification methods are: • Testing: Eldon enclosures have been tested and certified according to the IEC 62208:2011 by KEMA-DEKRA. This certification includes the required IP test according to IEC 60529, and the IK test according to IEC 62262 • Assessment: verification assessment shall be performed to ensure that any external modification that has...

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4.4. Protection against electric shock and integrity of protective circuits The effectiveness of the protective circuit shall guarantee the protection against the consequences of internal faults through the effective earth continuity between the exposed conductive parts and the protective circuit, and the consequences of external faults through the short-circuit withstand strength of the protective circuit. There are two verifications included: • Effective earth continuity: test is the only accepted verification method, and it is exactly the same included in the standard IEC 62208:2011 and...

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