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Food and Beverage brochure - 20 Pages

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Food and Beverage brochure

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Food and Beverage brochure Hygienic design wall mounted enclosures and accessories

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2 | Food and Beverage brochure

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Introduction | Hygiene control Eldon’s range of hygienic design wall mounted enclosures is designed for customers in food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries, as well as operations in other sanitary environments requiring high cleanliness. The fundamental reason for choosing hygienic design is the prevention of product contamination, since the manufacturer is responsible for product liability. To contribute to a safe manufacturing environment for these industries, a vital aspect is to clean and sanitize the plant and equipment, for products to be free of hazards such as...

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The new range complies with the strict health and safety requirements in the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The range allows for proper, fast and easy cleaning, even with high pressure and temperature water. The hygienic design wall mounted range, called HDW, comprises enclosures with a high protection degree and smooth surfaces without any gaps. The enclosures have self-drainable smooth-finished surfaces, a sloped roof leaning 30° with a 30 mm overhang, special HD locks, and concealed door hinges. Each enclosure body and door are made in AISI 304 stainless steel. Proper...

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Product information | Technical information 6 | Food and Beverage brochure

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The Eldon HDW range is designed and constructed with special materials for highly sanitary operation and ease of thorough cleaning. Material: Body: 1.5 mm. Door: 2 mm. AISI 304 pre-grained stainless steel. Mounting plate: 2 mm galvanized steel. Body: Monoblock body, folded and seam welded. The top of the body is equipped with a sloping roof at an angle of 30 degrees towards the front, ending with a 30 mm overhang to avoid any draining liquids from dripping onto the gasket and the door. Door: Corner formed in one piece with a sloping angle of 8° on all sides. Surface mounted with 120°...

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Ordering information Dimensional drawing Front view W Sectional side view D+3 Inside enclosure view B    BB Sectional top view 55,.    . ,55, Mountingplate view 8 | Food and Beverage brochure

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Product information | Accessories To place cables inside the HDW enclosures special cable glands must be used, which are designed to meet strict hygiene demands. The use of standard cable glands increases the hygiene risk due to the presence of external threads, dead spaces and gaps. Consequently, always use hygiene conform cable glands on the HD enclosure. Wall mounting brackets, AWHD The AWHD050/300 wall mounting brackets are made according to hygienic design requirements EN 1672-2:2009. The body is made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The material of blue silicone washers is FDA 21 CFR...

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30 Degree sloped roof ■ Self draining ■ Easy to hose clean ■ Integrated 30 mm overhang Mounting plate ■ Supplied with the enclosure ■ Galvanised steel 2 mm thick Smart hinge design ■ Completely hidden inside enclosure when closed ■ Special closing action to guarantee gasket compresion ■ Reversible - to swap door for left hand open 10 | Food and Beverage brochure

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Multiple earthing studs ■ In the door ■ In the enclosure ■ Simplifies wiring Blue silicone gasket ■ One piece gasket easy to remove for cleaning or replacement ■ FDA certified for food production areas ■ Blue color makes any contamination easily visible Hygienic lock ■ Special hygienic locking system ■ Self-draining design

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Key features | Features against residue accumulation Features against Features against bigger residues larger 12 | Food and Beverage brochure Hygienic lock

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Features against smaller residues 8O sloped door edge Gapless sealing Surface finish

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14 | Food and Beverage brochure

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The features of the HDW range, have among others the following advantages: ■ Gasket is removable for periodic maintenance and easily replaceable; ■ No pre-drilled mounting holes or gland plates, bacteria cannot accumulate; ■ Easy to clean by high temperature and water; ■ Optional accessories to adapt enclosure to specific needs; ■ Door can be reversed without machining for left-opening; ■ Available in eight standard sizes off-the-shelf. The Eldon HDW range is designed and constructed with carefully selected materials for highly sanitary operation and ease of thorough cleaning. The enclosure...

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Cleaning information Reducing the time required for thorough cleaning and optimizing the use of water, energy and chemicals are further benefits from the introduction of hygienic design enclosures. Cleaning frequency must be clearly defined for each process line (i.e., daily, after production runs, or more often if necessary). Soils and deposits originate from the ingredients used in the preparation of the product. There are different types: fats, oils, greases, proteins, starches, lime scale, corrosion deposits, algae, fungi. Each is chemically different and requires different cleaning...

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Sanitization Sanitization refers to the reduction of micro-organisms to levels considered safe from a public health viewpoint. General types of sanitization include the following: Thermal sanitization This involves the use of hot water or steam for a specified temperature and contact time. Using hot water The primary advantages of hot-water sanitization are that it is relatively inexpensive, easy to apply, and readily available, generally effective over a broad range of microorganisms, relatively non-corrosive. Steam The use of steam as a sanitizing process has limited application. It is...

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The most commonly used chemical sanitizer in food processing is chlorine in its various forms. Chlorine has activity at low temperature, is relatively cheap and leaves minimal residues. The main disadvantage is its corrosiveness to metal surfaces and health and safety concerns in confined areas. Iodine is an antimicrobial agent, which, like chlorine, is found in many forms. When prepared with a solubilizing agent they are termed iodophors. These preparations are generally less affected by water hardness and organic residues. Another kind of sanitizer is Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs)....

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