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TTO Lenses

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Lenses OOOEO Applications • Full map in one measurement • Full screen Normal measurements. • Low stray light / Easy setup • VESA / ICDM-IDMS standards compliance tests • Fast measurements • Sampled Uniformity tests (all measurements • High color & luminance accuracy taken normal to the screen) • Ideal for the mobiles & tablets quality control ELDIM proposes different double telecentric optics for imaging colorimeter. The interest of such optics is twofold: the measurement is taken near normal incidence on the entire display surface; the stray light is minimized allowing measurements on complex color patterns with a high spatial resolution and very small distortion. ELDIMOPTICAL METROLOGY FOR DISPLAYS

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Imaging Series TTO Lenses Imaging objective Main characteristics of the double telecentric imaging objectives using 8M pixels CCD sensor Outer dimension UMaster + TTO I20(unit mm) ELDIM • 1185, rue d'Epron 14200 Herouville Saint-Clair • France • Phone:

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